Guide To Taipei City | Facts About Taipei

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Taipei City Is One Of Asia’s Wealthiest Cities:

The Taipei locals appreciate having a high calibre lifestyle which is highly influenced by advancements in the latest technologies. Taipei is home to industry pioneers in the tech world who aim to innovate and improve the industry.

Taipei Has One Of The World’s Tallest Buildings:

Taipei originally had the world's tallest building between the years of 2004 to 2010. The buildingis known as Taipei 101 and is the world’s fifth tallest building. It is 1,667 feet which is 508 meters andcan be seen throughout the cities horizon. The building is influenced with designs that include bamboo and conventional pagoda styles.

It Is Recommended To Visit Tapei During Spring Time And Fall:

Taipei has a moist, subtropical atmosphere. The summers can be hot and are frequently affected by tropical storms. From March to May, guests can expect a gentle, sunny climate and a city full of new blooms. The many greenery enclosures of Taipei make spring a perfect time to visit. In September through November, the climate is cooler with less rainfall.

Their Transportation Framework Is Very Easy To Explore For Vacationers:

Transportation within Taipei is easy to use. It has a whopping 10 line MRT metro, the Taoyuan International Airport is just 20 km from focal Taipei. Even the flights into Taipei are regular which make it easy for absolutely anyone to visit.

Travel Is Made Light With An Economical Bicycle Share Program Named “Youbike”:

Travel is easy with bicycles being one of the main modes of transportation from place to place in Taipei. It has been in operation since the 2000s and has been successfully continued to operate to this day.Taipe has bicycle lanes which make it safer for the community to travel. It is also extremely affordable.

Taipei Is Known For Their Quality Street Markets:

There is a vast array of flea and street markets which include the Raohe Street Night Market, Shilin Night Market, Ningxia Night Markert and the Shuanglian Market where you can find their local cuisine, delicious takeaway, fresh vegetables and fruit, and a wide selection of handcrafted products and specialities. The most visited market is the Shilin Night Market.

Visitors Guide To Tapei

Longshan Temple Photo

Tapei City has over 550accommodations to rent, there are affordable flights there, ithas a vast array of restaurants and things to do. Some popular places and services you are able to visit in Tapei include:

Elephant Mountain:

A view from Elephant Mountains will give you a beautiful view of the Tapei City. Here you are able to follow a trail which provides quite a long walk through the wilderness. It is recommended to come here if you are an outdoor person or someone who enjoys a good trek. You will be able to find many trails of stairs that go around and up the mountain so you can pick whether you would love to a short walk or something which will be much longer. You may be able to see sightings of birds.

National Palace Museum:

The objects displayed in the National Palace Museum are some of the highest quality collections you will be able to find of Chinese jewellery, artwork, porcelain and artefacts in the world. Most of the items were collected when General Chiang Kai-Shek brought them from China to Taiwan after the invasion. Through the viewing of the museum you will be able to understand the evolution of China through the dynasties.You will need a good 3 to 4 hours to view the museum.

Longshan Temple:

There are a lot of temples in Taiwan but the Longshan Temple was established in 1738 and has been well preserved. It is a landmark of Tapei that is located the middle of the city, it is easy to get to as it is situated near a metro station. It is colourful and busy with tourist viewing the sophisticated artwork and carvings. You will find busy locals deep in prayer or meditation following their local customs which include providing gifts, lighting incense and candles to worship their deities. It is recommended to visit her with a guide who is able to translate the written languages within the temple so you are able to learn about its importance in greater detail.

Taiwan Beetle Nut Beauties Photo

Beetle Nut Beauties

Beetle Nuts are also known as “Taiwanese chewing gum”. After they are chewed, it produces a red juice which has to be spat out. From consumption people are likely to receive a high which has been said to feel like being on 6 cups of coffee, some people even describe it as if they are on cocaine. It is one of the world’s most popular psychoactive substances however the consumption of large quantities can lead to the development of cancer.   

The fruit is harvested from long areca palm trees which can grow as tall as 20 metres. After they are harvested the ‘Beetle Nut Beauties’ wrap the fruit in a Beetle Leaves and place additional flavourings into the middle of the treat like tobacco, cinnamon, and slaked lime. Producing and harvesting these trees is extremely profitable with some people from Taiwan choosing to grow them rather than rice fields.

Travelling along the roadsides of Taiwan, there are over 60,000 Beetle Nut shops. Inside you will find women who are dressed up in costumes, lingerie and heels who are known as Beetle Nut Beauties. You may assume that these women are sex workers but they are actually making and selling Beetle Nuts. Their dress wear grabs the attention of potential passing customers as their customer base is mainly men who work for construction companies, truck drivers and people who wish to stay up late to enjoy the nightlife, though women also enjoy Beetle Nuts to.  Some of the customers are allowed to touch the women but this depends on the businesses rules.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

You can book a tour for around $50 to see the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall or you can make your own way there free of charge for a stroll through the landscaped gardens and the huge building which will take around 1 to 3 hours. You will be able to capture a glimpse of the history where the royal statues are actually smiling, a museum and maybe even see the changing of the guard ceremony. It has a souvenir shop to.

Taipei Zoo

Go to the Taipei Zoo for a leisurely visit to their animal sanctuary. The prices are affordable at around $2 for a day pass. It is operated by the government, so you are paying for the upkeep of the zoo. You can safely store your items in a locker or hire a stroller to take everything with you. You will be able to find animals here that you cannot in neighbouring locations like Singapore. It is partitioned into different areas so you can know where you went and can visit the places according to your wishes. The areas include Desert Animals, Rainforest Animals and African Animals. You are able to take a whole day venturing around the zoo at a leisurely pace. It is recommended to go when it is not a public holiday or weekend as those are the times most people visit it.

Yangmingshan National Park

At the Yangmingshan National Park you will be able to breathe in some of the freshest air in the world. If you go when it isthe flowering season you will be able to see a wide range of flora that exclusively grows inTaiwan. It is a gorgeous area full of waterfalls, ponds, volcanic geysers, fauna and cherry blossoms to see. The transportation to the park is by bus. There are information posters and maps which can be found through the Park which will help guide you through the area. Once you visit the Yangmingshan National Park you will never be able to forget it, as it is so beautiful and picturesque.

Beitou Hot Spring

The Beitou Hot Spring provides hot spas which will heat up your body. This is one of the luxurious places you can visit especially to recuperate after travelling. There are 4 hot springs on a hill which provides either 30 degrees Celsius, 35 degrees Celsius, 40 degrees Celsius and a cold pool. It is recommended to come here during the week days and during work hours as it can get quite crowded especiallyduring public holidays or on the weekends. You can also find hotels which direct the hot spring water to their local amenities so you can enjoy the hot spring in privacy.

Maokong Mountain

You can view the Maokang Mountain either by a glass floored Gondola which will give you a view of the forest floor all the way up to the top of the mountain or you can take a shuttle bus directly to the top which is useful if you are especially afraid of heights. You can take the Gondola from the metro station which is located near the Taipei Zoo, so you are able to go easily from one activity to another.

WenMeng Building Former Brothel

WenMeng Building established in 1925 was located in Taipei's former red light district. It is located on Guisui near the intersection with Ningxia. It was closed down in 1997 when sex work was made illegal and the brothels were shut down.

The inside of the building was preserved as a city heritage site and has been maintained as a museum.It appears like it is from the 70s, small and has been kept to look like what it did when it was a brothel. At the WenMeng Building you will be able to read about the former workers previous lifestyles.