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Taiwan Escort Information

Taiwan is known as the city of love where you can find a vast array of sexual pleasures waiting for you. Prostitution in Taiwan sees over 100,000 prostitutes working with over 2 million clients. You will be able also find Korean prostitutes in Taiwan as they work there for weeks at a time travelling under a tourist Visa.  There are many types of escorts including women, men, transsexuals, she males, gay men and lesbians.

Before you meet up with an escort it is a best practice to understand what you would like your personal sexual experience to entail. Have all the details written down so you know what to ask for when you speak to the escort. You will need to specify:

  • How long will the experience go for?
  • How many times are you allowed to ejaculate or orgasm within the experience? And if you do ejaculate will the experience end straight away?
  • Will the experience include a blow job, a hand job, massageor sexual intercourse?
  • Are you allowed to change sex positions? If yes, what sex positions can you use?
  • What price will the individual services be?

When the sexual encounter takes place and you find yourself wanting additional services the price will likely be dramatically higher.  If you are unlucky enough to not ask for a price or perform additional services, the escort is able to charge an amount that you will not be aware of it till the experience ends.

It is recommended to always bring multiple condoms. If one condom breaks you may need a replacement. Sometimes the escort has their own condoms, but it is best not to risk running out when you have organised the experience will in advance. If there is no replacement, you may need to pay for the experience in full even though you did not receive a full service. They may not allow you to leave until you pay.

Older escorts are highly skilled as they may have worked longer in the profession. Some of them can make a man ejaculate within a very short time period which is why it is a good idea to always ask how long the experience goes for and how many times you are able to ejaculate within that time. Escorts who are new or who have just arrived, may charge lower rates due lack of experience and may have a smaller customer base.

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Some services they provide include erotic massages, there are many types of available which include:

Duo Or Four Hands Massage:

A duo massage is when two people will work on your body at the exact same time. You are able to have the people working on individual areas or they can focus on the same area at the same time.  It is an excellent way to become visually and erotically stimulated.

Nuru Or Body To Body Massage:

For a nuru massage the masseuse takes of all of their clothes and uses her body. Oil and lotion is used to ensure the experience is as sensual and fulfilling as possible. If requested before the experience, this can lead to sexual intercourse.

Lingham Which Is Also Known As A Penis Massage:

This is a specialised type of massage which solely focuses on the penis. With this type of massage you are not pressured to orgasm, you simply just have to enjoy the experience.

Tantric Massage:

A tantric massage involves the blending of spiritual and physical elements of massage into the one action to provide a sense of wellbeing. There are two roles within this massage, one role is the giver who aim is to give the pleasure, and there is also the role of a receiver who will receive the pleasure.

Prostate Massage:

A prostate massage can include stimulating the prostate externally via the perineum or internally directly stimulating the prostate.

Soapy Massage:

A soapy massage is when the escort take you into the shower to give you a thorough clean. It can be used before a sexual intercourse to ensure hygienic experience.

Happy Ending Massage:

A happy ending massage stimulates the man’s penis until he ejaculates. This type of massage can be done exceptionally quickly.

You can find escorts through newspaper articles, local porn magazines or through adult directories. These days it is extremely easy to contact escort by their mobile or through social media accounts. The escorts can sit happily and safely at home, wait for people to contact them and either offer to travel to your location or ask you to travel to their place of residence. If the escort is travelling to you, there may be an additional price for a travel expenses.

It is important to note that prostitution in Taiwan is legal within certain jurisdictions. Below you will find a comprehensive list of female escorts who are currently independently working in Taiwan.