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Tinder Date at The National Palace Museum

My name is Alon and I was born in the Philippines but now living and working in Taiwan. I have to admit I am getting used to the food and culture here and they are great. It did not take long that I got bored with work though. Being single, I needed a girl as either a companion or a date. I am open for anything since being by myself in this beautiful country is not exactly the way I wanted it to be. As a result, I tried a dating app called Tinder where you swipe left for girls you don’t like and swipe right for girls you like. I was surprised to find out that many of the girls on Tinder are pretty beautiful. In fact, I rarely found myself swiping left.

The concept of Tinder is when the girl also swipes right on you then you can chat with her. It did not take long before I was chatting with numerous girls. There was one that caught my eye and her name is Josie. She is pretty tall and her body is like an hourglass. We were chatting for a few days and I got to know her more. I found out that we got a lot of things in common. We both like trying out new restaurants and going to the movies. Even if we lived in Taiwan for quite some time, we admitted to each other that we have never been to National Palace Museum. Therefore, we agreed that if we were going to meet then that would be the place where we will meet. I actually got pretty excited when she told me that there is a chance that we were going to meet. I mean, I must have done something great to meet a hot girl like her.

In another chat she told me she actually works near the National Palace Museum as a project manager at an IT company. That sounds good since I’m a consultant for a financial company for the past few years. It felt great being promoted from one position to another and the company gives great benefits. I was talking to her for days on end with the hopes that we will finally get to meet each other. Besides, there is nothing to lose. If it does not work, then there are a lot of other girls on Tinder. I got the impression that she was also talking to other guys while I was talking to her. There are times when it took her a few minutes before she got to reply.

Finally, she agreed to meet up with me at the museum. It was a strange place to have your first date but I will take anything I can get. Usually, you will blind date at Starbucks or McDonald’s so this one was totally different. I am not complaining though as I was pretty excited that I finally get to meet her. I dressed nicely for the date and I got into smart casual attire. I even got there early since I did not want to be late for the first date.

When she finally showed up, my jaw dropped. Josie is stunning and she caught my eye in a stunning red dress.  She had long dark straight hair that fell just short of her waist.  When she introduced herself she placed her right hand over her left fist which is a traditional Taiwanese sign of respect.   I suddenly did not know what to say. I remembered that in situations like this, it would be best to be yourself and everything will be alright.   Her dark brown eyes were accentuated by her pale skin which was covered with traditional foundation so that not one blemish could be seen on what was probably already perfect skin.  I quickly asked her if she wanted to go inside the museum. She nodded with a smile so I bought two tickets for us.

The museum is great and I really regret not being able to get inside the museum up until this day. She actually held my hand when we walked inside which surprised me. I was suddenly aroused by that gesture but I was not expecting anything afterwards – I mean we had just met face to face for the first time. Walking behind her I saw that her hands were stroking either side of her buttocks which brought my attention to those curves.  Many Taiwan women have flat butts that my mates call pancake butts.  Hers were full and seductive – not Kardashian like – but curvy.  I suddenly remembered to ask someone to take a picture of us. A day like this should always be remembered for years to come. Besides, I am aware that there is a chance she will ghost me in the future since I have to admit I am not that good-looking when you compare me to the other guys who are on Tinder.

I asked a nice couple to take a photo of us and she actually told me to put my arm around her shoulders for the picture.. I felt too shy to do it but since she said so, then I had to do it. I felt my smile which must have reached the end of the hallway, as the date had started out great. An hour later, I found a great place to eat and I remembered she liked local food so I invited her to eat and then we can continue to roam around the museum after that. Besides, I also remembered that we both had chatted that we liked eating in small local eateries and I was getting a bit hungry from all that walking.

We went to a stall outside the museum and got to talk more about what we just saw in the museum. She talks a lot, which is exactly what I want in a girl since I am a shy and timid person. Since she talked about a lot of things, I could sense that we have a connection. I was happy about that especially since it was our first date. It could be a sign that we will be on our way to another one in the future. At the end of the meal I asked if she wanted desert – she could not finish a whole one she told me but would share an ice-cream with me.  This was getting unbelievably cool for me as I watched he tongue seductively lick the ice-cream i was holding.  It made me feel quite shy and embarrassed and there was movement in my pants area.  I couldn’t help it and the bulge in my pants was so noticeable I saw her look down at it.  I was blushing as her eyes met mine and she just smiled. In my embarrassment I had sort of missed my mouth when trying to have some of the ice-cream and she saw that I had cream on my face and she wiped it off with the back of her hand. That was really sweet and I think it means she really likes me. This was just another gesture that really brightened my day.

We were not done with our visit at the museum as returned and browsed through more artifacts about Taiwan’s history. I have to say I really impressed her when I thought of this place as our first date. It got me thinking if I could impress her again on the second date. I am not sure where the time had gone but the museum was closing which meant to me that the date was finally over.  We exited and I clumsily reached over for a hug.  She laughed as she embraced me tightly and to my surprise, she actually kissed me on both cheeks. Once again, my jaw dropped and I stammered and stuttered trying to think of a response.

She brought her lips to my ear and I could feel her warm breath as she said, ‘Alon, have you a place we can go to.  I am feeling really horny – lets finish this date of with a BANG!”  As she said this she moved her right thigh between my legs and almost instantly my cock went hard, harder probably than ever before.  In fact it became painfully hard as she moved slightly upwards and downwards with her thigh between my legs.  This Tinder date was going far beyond my expectations and I thought quickly had I left my apartment in an orderly state….

To be continued…….


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