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Wan-Hua – The Unofficial Red Light District of Taiwan

Many people are not aware of the fact that there is a red light district of Taiwan. This place is known as Wan Hua and it is quite an interesting place. Wan Hua red light district is quite vibrant where you will enjoy walking around and devour some local street food. It is one of the oldest districts located in the metropolis of Taiwan. Though not much people know about this place, you can visit here to enjoy some great food and have a great shopping experience. Do you want to know more? Read on.


If you are wondering why to visit the red light district that not much people know about, then you are the right place. The main reason to visit this place is the local street food. If you are a foodie, then you can enjoy the scrumptious local street foods available in this district. Wan Hua is quite popular for that. There is a stretch of varieties fish, meat and noodle restaurants that you can try. Even the street vendors offer some of the classic and scrumptious dishes.

Besides that you can even walk around to enjoy the vibrant ambience of this place. There is a nice mood to the entire place. Though you will notice that Wan Hua is a quite busy place to be, it is not at all hectic in nature. In fact, it has a quite relaxed and mellow mood to the overall ambience. You can take a nice walk, visit the markets, do some bar hopping and enjoy some local street foods or authentic Japanese or Taiwanese dishes.



As you already know now that Wan Hua is a red light district located in Taiwan. It is located quite near the main station of Taiwan. It will just require a 10 minutes of walk from the station to reach there. Though the place has a poor reputation, you cannot deny the vibrant ambience of this place with the best night markets such Wuzhou, Xichang and Guangzhou.


Besides the market, you can also get to see many lounges and bars there. For the people who love to enjoy some exotic nightlife, this is an ideal place to be. Wan Hua red light district is a nocturnal area where you will find different types of bars and lounges to access.


Do you want to enjoy some Japanese barbecue, sushi and beer? Well, this place is loaded with many barbecue and sushi restaurants. You can also enjoy the cold Asahi Japanese draft beer along with the scrumptious sushi or barbecue.


The basic question that most of the people ask about Wan Hua is whether or not the place is safe to visit. Of course, the reputation of a red light district can make you question this. To be honest, the place has some crime records. In 2017, this district was reported to have the most criminal activities, such as prostitution, burglaries, drugs and more.

But according to the tourists, this place is quite safe. Being one of the oldest neighborhoods, you will see some quite distinctive personalities here. Though it is quite hard to put into words, the character is quite hard-cord Taiwanese character with tattoos all over the body and people drinking too much etc. But many tourists visit this place throughout the year. They feel completely safe to walk around here in this district.

If you are accompanied by kids or any minors, then it is better to not visit this city. It is not appropriate for them. You can simply avoid this district.

Over the years, Wan Hua red light district has evolved to be one of the most popular attractions among the tourists. Previously, the bad reputation made people aware of not visiting here. But things have changed in the past few years. The place has now become a hot tourist destination for enjoying a great nightlife, walking through the vibrant streets and having some great food and drink experience. If you are planning to visit Taiwan, then you can surely dedicate a day for Wan Hua in your itinerary. You will not regret visiting here!

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