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Best poses for sex

The heart gives rise to feeling. Feeling grows into love. Love sustains sex. And he, in turn, satisfies with the Best poses for sex.


  • An experiment in sex is new emotions, fresh feelings and harmony in life with a loved one.
  • Over time, our intimate relationships become monotonous and monotonous.
  • Having sex once again, we already know what will happen and how.


But everyone wants variety and something interesting. Passion is like fire. In order for it to warm us with its warmth, it must be constantly supported and nourished. Then the flame will never go out. So it is in sex. Experiment, be healthy, and be happy!

In this article, we will explore unusual sex positions that everyone should try. They will help you diversify your intimate life, make it exciting and desirable. Another closeness will turn into a journey with many riddles that you have to guess together with your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.


Sex positions abound with a huge selection. And if we take into account their variations, then it will be impossible to study everything at all. But, we do not strive for this. Less is better – this is our principle. This selection contains the most practical and interesting poses that you will undoubtedly enjoy. You may know some of them. But, most will be a discovery for you. And if you are thinking about how you need to have sex in order to get maximum pleasure, we strongly recommend that you take a closer look at them and also check the Milf XXX Tube videos for the best porno content for you and your partner.



If you are familiar with the Anvil and Wheelbarrow poses, then you will appreciate another variation of these positions called Scorpio. What unites sexual positions is that the partner is always on his back, her legs are on the shoulders of the man, who is located behind the partner. It is advisable to consider all three options separately in order to find out their features and get new sensations in practice. The main feature of each option is the change in the angle of inclination between a man and a woman. Therefore, the angle at which the member enters the bosom of the partner also changes. Therefore, in each case, the stimulation of the genitals occurs in different ways, affecting different zones of the genitals, giving interesting and vivid sensations.


If you will be using the Scorpio position, then this option is most suitable for stimulating the G-spot.

The pressure on this area is the same as in the “On Shore” position.


  • So, in the “Scorpio” pose, the partner sits comfortably on her back, legs up.
  • The partner is in the back, close to the hips of the woman, throwing her legs on his shoulders.
  • Then, holding on to the partner’s buttocks, the man enters the penis and begins to move.
  • For a better effect on the “G” zone, you can put a small pillow or rolled blanket under the woman’s thighs.



In this case, the woman is lying on the bed and the man is kneeling on the floor. Therefore, if the floor covering is hard enough, you need to take care of your comfort in advance and put something soft under your feet. “Screw” resembles such beautiful sex positions as “On the shore”, “Captain”. But, if the partner is in a supine position, now she is lying on her side. The legs are bent at the knees and pressed to the chest. This position allows the partner to better stimulate the vagina from the anterior wall and be able to influence the G-spot. Different planes of partners’ bodies will also give unusual sensations.


Now in more detail about the “Screw” pose. The woman should lie on one side of the bed. Knees are pressed to the chest. The partner gets close and, resting on the hip, enters the vagina. With uniform frictions, he stimulates the partner with the opportunity to caress her breasts and buttocks. This position may be inconvenient due to the inconsistency of the height of the bed with the parameters of the man. It’s okay, try another option.



There are several combinations of positions for sex, which are called the “Royal throne”. We will consider a case where a man turns his back to a woman. Quite unusual. Moreover, in this position you can sit and face each other. But, if the partners are at an angle of 180o, this makes it possible to stimulate the vagina in a completely different way. If the face-to-face position is designed to affect the front wall, then in this case the head of the penis will work along the back of the vagina. This position is especially popular with men who like to watch a woman from behind.


During sex in the “Royal throne” position, the partner should throw her legs up, while she will have to support the pelvis with her hands in order to remain in this position throughout the entire copulation. The man enters the woman’s vagina, standing up from the side of the head, slightly bent over. Then, holding the partner’s buttocks, he begins to move the penis up and down. This pose can put additional stress on your partner’s back and legs. To avoid this, you can rest your hands on your knees.

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