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Top Things To See or Do In Taiwan!

The first impressions do matter while you are visiting a country for the first time. Thankfully, while visiting the country of Taiwan you can always expect to have the time of your life. There are lots of things to do starting from exploring the untouched natural elegance of the island to the innovative technological advancements. In this article, we have provided the top things to do in Taiwan while you happen to be in this exotic country.


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  1. Visit the Wen Wu temple


This famous temple is located close to Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan and it is originally a couple of temples combined into one. The temple consists of 3 halls which are dedicated to the God of War, the God of Literature, and Confucius respectively. One notable feature of the temple happens to be the wishing fountain where the tourists are going to make a wish after tossing a coin. One can pray for just about anything in this temple while feasting his or her eyes on the architectural splendor as well.


  1. Taste organic mushroom hotspot at a Yilan farm


In Taiwan, the farms are reputed for being some astounding mushroom hotspots. This food will satisfy the rate buds of both the seafood lovers and the health-conscious people given that it is stuffed with plenty of seafood and veggies like clams, squid, and prawns.


Yilan is reputed for its water parks and innumerable hot springs which are the source of pristine freshwater. One can best experience this by means of a few calming hot pot broths at sites such as the Tongshan Rice and Tea Resort and the Guguchami Museum.


  1. Try the reputed smoked chicken of Taiwan


Yilan’s Weng Yao Chicken has the reputation of serving some scrumptious smoked chicken in the tandoori style. After marinating for hours, the chicken is smoked within clay stoves. This will result in a mouth-watering dish for you to enjoy along with your near and dear ones.


This particular eatery is something that you simply cannot afford to miss while you are in this country. However, pet dogs are allowed inside, and therefore, always be alert while you are inside.


  1. Food market-hopping in Jiufen


Jiufen happens to be amongst the top tourist destinations in Taiwan and it comes with all the different types of street food that you could have asked for. There is literally everything from taro ball desserts to golden oyster mushrooms to strawberry ice creams out there. Thus make it a point to shop and also eat according to your liking while you are walking along the alleys of Jiufen in Taiwan. Also, remember to explore the unique architecture of the place as well.


  1. Release sky lanterns at Pingxi


Setting off sky lanterns is one of the most enjoyable activities in this country and you will be able to do so while you are at Pingxi. All you need to do will be to buy a lantern from one of the shops which are thronging the railway at Pingxi and then draw what your heart desires on it. Following this, you need to release these wonderful lanterns up in the sky and watch your dreams take flight. One never knows, his or her wishes might become true.


  1. Buy some quirky stationery item from a wholesale stationery retailer


Only one word can describe the Guangnan Wholesale Store, and this is cavernous. Here, you will find almost every type of stationery item that you can think of including household and electrical items and other essential commodities.


After going through this article, if you feel tempted to book your ticket to this astounding country of Taiwan, do it beforehand so as to avoid the rush during the holiday season. While purchasing your flight tickets, also reserve your accommodation in Taiwan so as to avoid any unwanted headaches while you are actually there.


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