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Unusual signs that your boyfriend is Still in Love with his ex

Have you ever dated a guy who is Still in Love with his ex?  Perhaps he has gone through a toxic relationship in the past or a relationship that didn’t work?  If yes then girls at a certain point of time you might be insecure and a question will keep on bothering you, ” Is he still in love with his ex?” Well, it’s important to know that if your partner has overcome the past drama or still needs your emotional support.

As in most of the cases in this type of relationship, his ex returns back and you end up broken into pieces.  If this sounds like something you then stay tuned. Through this post, I’m going to shoot you some unusual signs also your boyfriend that will confirm if he is still in love with his ex.

Disclaimer: Know yourself! If you were a person that is asking your boyfriend or girlfriend every single day if He Is still in love with his ex, this is not geared towards you. You have to deal with that. This is more for the person that has a healthy relationship and just has a gut feeling that he wants to address. You need more than one sign to confirm.



Still have ex Memorabilia

A common sign is your boyfriend hasn’t got rid of the ex’s stuff. Now I’m not talking about your expensive luxury items like a Rolex watch or a car. But if you walk around his house and Behave a whole bunch of ex-memorabilia around and Behave a box of his stuff with even a tiny item that He just cannot get rid of, red flags. Sometimes the ex can be a camgirl believe it or not and you can his internet history and see for example or if they are gay site like Gay Cams from Gaycamsfun could be there.

Usually, when you ask them about it, if He throws a tantrum, or try to avoid the question, or He gets upset about you asking why his ex’s stuff is still all around the house. If he has that box of stuff that He hasn’t put in the garbage yet, you need to talk to him about it.


Upset when his ex is dating someone new

If your BF gets sorrowful and roams around the house just because his ex is dating other guys, you know what this means. This is not a good sign for you. It clearly means that he still could possibly be hung up over his ex. He saw feelings for them in reality he shouldn’t give a f*CK. How long they’re sad for is an issue if they’re taking it out on you. The big red flag is if he tells you I’m sad because I just found out that Jaz is in a new relationship.


You haven’t met their friends or family

Again if you have just started dating this person, not a big deal. If you are six months to a year in and you haven’t met anyone, this could be an issue and it’s especially a red flag.

Now, instead of asking, “Hey! Did your family and ex meet?” Go for riddles and be smart. Ask, “Hey! When you were dating, what did your family used to like and dislike about your ex-girlfriend? What did your friends think of your ex-girlfriend?

You will get a clear answer to your question. If he didn’t want you to introduce him to his family, BIG RED FLAG. He might just be using you as a temporary healing tool to forget his past trauma.

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