my taipei business trip
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The Taipei Business Trip!

I can’t believe my boss is still making me come on this Taipei Business Trip. I still can’t believe Shane broke up with me. After three years, I always gave him what he wanted. I cooked dinner, made sure the house was clean, even gave him blow jobs when I wasn’t in the mood. Whatever, I guess I can try to make the best of this trip. I’ve never been to Taiwan before, seems exotic and mysterious. Maybe I’ll find the next love of my life. Yeah, right.

The plane descends into the Taipei Songshan Airport. I still can’t believe I am here. I make my way off the plane to baggage claim. Suitcase in tow, I find a cab and head to The Grand Hotel. It’s nothing like I have seen before. The rich reds and golds around the building are eye catching. It stands so tall and looks very similar to Chinese architecture.

“Wow, this place is amazing!” I can’t help but share my amazement with the cab driver. He looks in the rear-view mirror and rolls his eyes, muttering something in Mandarin. Guess he has seen this hotel once or twice.

I pay him for the ride and head into the large lobby. Red columns decorate each side of the red carpet leading to the front desk. The walls adorn Chinese lanterns and the ceiling is a beautiful, plum blossom tapestry. Dragon artwork is seen all around. My boss must have really paid a pretty penny for me to stay here. I’ll have to thank him when I get back.

“Hello, do you have reservation?” the tall, slender clerk asks. Her accent isn’t too hard to understand thankfully. I can’t help but notice her features. Long, black hair tied back off her flawless, pale face. Her collared white shirt is unbuttoned just enough that her supple breasts form a perfect v leading into her blazer. The navy-blue coat cinches at her small waist, revealing almost perfect curves of her hips. Why am I noticing all of this? I shake my head and pull myself together.

“Yes, um, I believe it’s under the last name Lane,” I manage to choke out. I can feel my face flushing red. I have found women attractive before, but something about this woman was really throwing me off my game. I try to smooth my frizzy airplane hair and collect my composure. She seems to notice.

With a small giggle she says “Ah, yes Miss Lane, we have you in one of our Horizon suites. Floor 6, room 610. If you need anything during your stay, call the front desk. Ask for Mei.” She gives me a wink as she slides my key across the counter.

My knees are a little weak and I definitely need to clean up my underwear. Am I really that desperate for some action? Who knew Taiwanese women were so flawless?

I get to my room and begin unpacking. The view is spectacular over the city of Taipei. I head to the bathroom to place my toiletries. On the hook behind the door is a complimentary bathrobe. It feels so soft, I slip off my clothes and glide into the robe. It feels nice and relaxing.

I am looking through the concierge binder when the phone rings. It’s probably my boss checking to make sure I got in okay. I lay on the bed and answer with a hello.

“Yes, Miss Lane, it’s Mei,” she sounds slightly flustered but still professional, “I forgot to tell you about your complimentary massage. It is standard for all arriving guests. Come down to the spa at your earliest convenience.”

“Oh, okay, cool. I’ll be down in just a minute.”

My Taipei Business Trip

I grab my key and head to the spa area. There is no one at the desk when I get there and it actually looks empty. I wonder if it’s not open yet. As I wander to the desk, I hear a whisper to the left.

“Pst, over here.” It’s Mei. She is huddled behind a door leading to a dark room. Curious, I head over and she pulls me inside quickly. Mei walks around the room and lights what seems like 100 candles. I can see her now, her warm skin glistening in the candlelight. She is wearing a thin, silk sheath, and when she turns certain ways, I can catch glimpses of her breasts.

“What’s going on? Are you a masseuse too?” I ask.

She giggles, “only for the very important guests. I couldn’t help but notice your beauty when you were checking in. I think you liked what you saw as well.”

I can see her flush slightly as her sheath slips off her shoulder. I feel a rush of warmth and wetness between my legs. I want her soft, luscious skin. She continues swaying in the light of the candles as her sheath slips more and more off her body. Soon, perfectly erect double D breasts are under my hands. I pull her nipples between my fingers, making her moan softly. I can’t believe this is happening. She feels so seamless, like a dream.

Mei decides it’s her turn to explore. She pulls me in by my robe sash and unties it slowly. As it slides to the floor, my whole self is revealed. I’m not quite as ideal as Mei, but I do have great tits and a hell of an ass. She notices these features and puts her mouth on my neck. She begins kissing down my collarbone, down to my erect nipple. It’s been so long since I’ve been touched, I instantly call out with pleasure. She looks up and winks but doesn’t stop arousing me. I see a table in the middle of the room. I pin her down and lick all over her. She tastes like vanilla and cinnamon, with a little bit of salt from her sweat. She is cooing with joy as I have my way with her body.

“No Miss Lane, this is for you,” she states as she flips over and pushes me to the table. Her lips feel like rose petals, softly trailing down to between my legs. Her tongue is fantastic, tracing circles around my clit and penetrating my wet pussy. I can’t contain my enjoyment as I call out her name. She continues, faster and harder using tongue and fingers, pounding my pussy until I cum. She looks at me, proud of the fulfillment she has just given me. I lay there on the table, catching my breath.

“I hope you enjoy your stay Miss Lane.” She pulls on her sheath and slips out the door. As I lay reminiscing about the sweet ecstasy that I just experienced, I realize that this trip may have been just what I needed all along.

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