Is Using An Automatic Masturbator Better?
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Is Using a Hands Free Masturbation Device Better?

Let’s face facts here. When men hit puberty, they tend to “experiment” with their sexuality. Sometimes, it’s because of peer pressure. Everyone’s doing it so why haven’t you? You’re not gay are you? Other time, it’s because we get really curious and the urges can be pretty rowdy when you hit your teenage years and it feels as if your body is being bombarded with testosterone.

When we come to this age, there is only one thing we can do: Relieve ourselves.

Unfortunately, the majority of boys look snotty and unappealing and only those who seem to be naturally gifted with looks lose their boyhood during high school. For teenagers who are still on the process of metamorphosis – with braces, acne, bed hair and all – it’s terribly hard to find a mate, let alone a girlfriend to go steady and explore your newfound sexuality with. But hey, life wasn’t meant to be easy. Even if it seems to be easy for some people now, they’d eventually run into their own challenges as well.

Anyway, back to the topic. So how do hormone-raged boys relieve themselves if they’re not fortunate enough to get the opposite sex interested? Well, two things: Hand and lotion.

Don’t lie now. I know you’ve had to resort to your own devices (literally) when the urges became too unbearable. And trust me, for a horny teenage boy; “unbearable” happens all the time. You get a quick view of a girl’s cleavage and you become aroused. Sneak a peek into one of your dad’s cheap porn mags and you get an erection. Stealthily watch porn videos online when the folks are out and you get more excited than a hyena teased with a dangling bone. Being young, curious, and horny is definitely a challenge. And the fact that you can’t let off the steam organically can be torture.

This is why we learned to relieve ourselves through “other ways.” Say, jerking off when no one’s looking.

What Is Masturbation?

Masturbation is pretty common among males (read more about it). In fact, many women touch themselves too. They also masturbate when no one’s around; they’re just less vocal about it. The most common way to masturbate is by hand. Now, I don’t really need to teach this to you anymore, right? Surely you’re not Aladeen from The Dictator oblivious to the most delicious vice of man. Well, I guess we’ve got to give it to him. He’s got the money to not have to relieve himself in this manner. He slept with celebrities for goodness sake!

To touch yourself is all but normal – that is, when you’re young, broke, and well, lame. Most adult men won’t confess to masturbating when they’re in their late 20’s already – let alone 30’s. This is because they think it ruins their reputation. After all, as an adult, shouldn’t you be banging real women by now? Shouldn’t it be natural to score a one night stand with a girl you met at the bar?

Is It Normal To Be Masturbating At Your Age?

Well, hate to break it to all you girls but not all men are animals. We don’t just sleep with anybody. Some of us still like to think that love should still be involved in “love making.” I mean, don’t you just find it ironic that we make “love” with random strangers? Like, how can you possibly make love to someone you barely know. Still, just because we’re pretty emotional and particular about feelings doesn’t mean we’re a walking tree. We still have needs – sexual needs. And we’re not afraid to say that, to this day, we still relieve ourselves the old-fashioned way. What’s so wrong with that?

I’m also calling out to all the guys out there who think jerking off as an adult is so lame and pathetic. Would you rather touch yourself or get STDs? I think you already know this but your charm is not what’s getting you laid every night. You’re getting laid because the women you’re sleeping are much too willing to give themselves away. This means that they’ve done this before and they’d be doing it again and again. Who knows what number you are? Sure, it feels better to bang an actual beauty but it shouldn’t be at the cost of your health.

Masturbating is definitely a lot easier, cheaper, and safer compared to random nights at the bar and going home with some random girl.

Don’t worry. Just because it’s old school doesn’t mean it’s not cool. Technology today has certainly made masturbating more fun. Are you aware that an automatic masturbator may be readily purchased online these days?? Yes, they’re hands-free! So you don’t have to worry about your wrists getting sore the next day or feel pathetic that you’re touching yourself. You can buy a hands-free device to do the deed for you. These machines are made to feel like a real vagina so it really captures that intimate feeling you get when you’re bedding a woman. You can adjust them according to your preferences. All it takes to switch from soothing to rough is a press of a button.

Automatic masturbators are so cool and they’re quite affordable. Most online sellers are very careful and discreet with the shipment so you don’t have to worry about your fetishes being exposed. Like I said, this is far better than sleeping with random women or paying anyone for sex. Treat yourself better and enjoy yourself to the fullest with your mind at peace because you’re not going to get HIV anytime soon. I’m not saying you have to stick to masturbating forever – just until the right person comes.

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