Sex Dolls – Only a Guy Thing?
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Sex Dolls – Only a Guy Thing?

The sex doll market is always evolving and coming out with new units that are more realistic than the last. Most recently, AI has been introduced so that sex dolls can remember personal details, make people orgasm better and faster and provide conversation. While sex dolls have been primarily targeted towards men, aren’t women interested in them as well? This article will look at the many possible angles to see why the male sex doll market is so much smaller than the female sex doll one.

Women are Disempowered

This is probably the most obvious way of looking at this issue. Women have been socially taught to not indulge in their sexuality and thus are not interested in sex dolls, and few would dream of buying one. Females are taught not to be selfish about their sexual needs, and thus, a doll made specifically for that purpose is harder for a woman to accept than a man.

While there is some validity here, please also keep in mind that women actually buy more vibrators, butt plugs and dildos than men and a large number of sex toys outside of dolls are targeted towards women.

Amount of Pleasure

A man thrusting his penis into a sex doll is simple. In fact, one of the reasons why female sex dolls are so popular is because they are finally easy to use. There are other masturbators of course, but they all sit at weird angles and men have to do some extra work to penetrate them.

Let’s apply this same thought to women and sex dolls. Because of their anatomy, inserting a sex doll’s penis into the vagina presents some difficulties, and women would have to manipulate the doll until it’s suitable. Why buy an expensive doll and do all that work when a cheap vibrator will be more pleasurable, easier, and not require her to lift a heavy slab of TPE or silicone? While some women are interested in these sex dolls, about two-thirds don’t see the point when a vibrator does such a great job.

Misses the Mark

Only about 25 percent of women can orgasm from penetration alone. Most need clitoral vibration and stimulation for a pleasurable experience. The sex doll industry is amazing at replicating anatomy, and female sex dolls are often idealized versions of women with perfect, if not enhanced, bodies that men can use. From soft oral insertion to pleasurable vaginal and anal sex, female sex dolls do everything a man would want.

Women don’t get the same pleasure. As of right now, a sex doll cannot replicate good oral sex for women. Not only that but while many male sex dolls have realistic and large penises, their ability to vibrate ranges from OK to nonexistent. Once again, why spend thousands of dollars on a heavy lump of TPE or silicone when you can get a premium vibrator for less than $100 that gives you the best feeling in the world?

Emotional Connection

Many men form an emotional connection with their sex doll. This can range from just having feelings for her, like a friend or companion, while others truly love their dolls. Most men use the dolls as a surrogate person that helps them regain their confidence before they seek out real people. In many surveys, over two-thirds of men understand this and are even OK with sex dolls being used in other settings, like in health class or as therapeutic tools.

Women are somewhat different here, and it’s hard to say why. While a minority of women feel the same way, most women see sex dolls only as a larger sex toy. This might be because sex dolls are usually made for men. They have more exposure to them and are thus more used to understanding a bond can form. The dolls have also been made with men in mind, so they satisfy all the man’s needs sexually while male sex dolls still have to catch up.

This could be due to the aspect we discussed before where women are supposed to feel bad about selfish sexual feelings and thus might feel shame about connecting with a sex doll. Many women also feel that sex toys should either enhance a relationship with a real person or to help her connect to herself, and few women see how a sex doll accomplishes either goal. Male sex dolls also don’t satisfy all the woman’s needs and are usually made to look more attractive to gay men than straight women, which makes forming the bond even harder.

As you can see, there is no clear-cut reason why females aren’t quite as interested in sex dolls, but there is still an interest here. From a lack of availability to sex dolls not having the features needed to make a woman orgasm, this section of the market needs to catch up with male sex dolls. Females are major buyers in the sex toy market and they should be catered to just as well as men. If you’re interested in seeing what male sex dolls are available, or any other sex doll, head over to Lovedolls Review. We look at the best sex dolls on the market to help guide your buying decisions.

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