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An Angel In The Moonlight!

Shanlinxi Nature area in Nantou County Taiwan is a popular forest and recreation area that is only about 2 hours drive from Taichung and is elevated high so that often you will be walking in the fog and clouds.  It is a popular hiking destination with beautiful waterfalls including the Blue Dragon Waterfall, hiking trails and an education center.

It was approaching late afternoon and the shadows were dark, and the sunlight was fading in the now misty Shanlinxi forest. Angel was lost. There was nobody else around. She had walked off the marked path, spotting a group of monkeys in the bushes, but then she had followed them – they had gone and now she was lost and afraid. Only a few minutes more till I find the path, she had told herself over and over again, walking among the massive Cypress trees.  Just to get that perfect shot she admonished herself. Minutes had turned into an hour, and as she had walked trying to find the trail felt within her the first signs of panic

After another hour spent trying to find her way back to the path she began to cry, and now she was cold too.  How long before the chilly evening would descend – were he clothes warm enough to last the night.  She sat down at the trunk of a behemoth of a cypress that had been on this earth thousands of years to contemplate what she could do to salvage her dire circumstance. Her only hope she thought was that she may bump into someone else, or that one of the forest guides would come and look for her – but she had not notified them of her presence – and she cussed herself for not obeying the signs ‘Stay on the Path’!.


Mists of Shanlinxi


Angel called out into the fading light, but there was no answer. She could no longer hear the waterfalls, or the river. She tried her phone one last time, hoping against hope, for a better signal. There was only one bar, her battery was low too and when she dialed a number the recorded message told her there was no signal.

With all her might she yelled, “HELP!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!”

“Hello!” A strange male voice called from above in the cypress trees.

Angel stopped and looked around her. There was nobody around.  Where had that voice come from?

“Hello lady!” The male voice called out again, the sound emanating from above her in the cypress trees. She stared up into the trees, in the half fading light. And then she saw him. The voice belonged to a man, perched in a tree far above her. His voice was deep, and he was African American,

“Hello”, Angel answered, a sense of hope filled her heart.  She had been found.

He climbed down from the cypress tree, photographic equipment swinging from his neck.

“I’m Jack Spencer, pleased to meet you M’aam.’ Americans, they were always so polite as she giggled. And he was so tall.  He must have been at least 2 metres tall and her being a tiny petite Taiwan Girl standing only 150cm or so.

Angel looked up into his face, his eyes were dark, and he towered over her. His eyes were dark brown and he had shaved his head so that the ebony skull seemed to shine with a life of its own.  He was wearing cargo pants and sweatshirt and she could see beneath the clothes that he was extremely muscular.  She also could not help but notice the huge bulge in his pants and wondered to herself if the stories about Negro men and massive penises were true.

She became aware that she was staring at his crotch and that he had noticed this.  She giggled like and little girl and felt shy and nervous. Her rescuer was a foreigner. Would she be safe with him, or was it better that she just made her own way through the forest.

Jack said, “So, do you speak English?’

Angel nodded, “Yes, I am an English teacher. Hello. My name is Angel. I am lost.’

He said, “Don’t worry, I know this forest well. I will take you back.  What are you doing out here all by yourself.  Didn’t you see the signs’.

Angel blushed, “Yes I did, so sorry.  But I follow the monkeys.”

Jack laughed, a deep and cheery laugh and said, “Ahh yes, the monkeys.  They are very entertaining.  That is why I was in the tree’s.  I love to photograph them – especially in the early evening.  I am a photographer and specialize in nature.  The are very naughty and cheeky’

They began to walk slowly through the trees, the insects were buzzing and the night was cool but not cold. He took a jacket from his backpack and put it over her shoulders without saying a word.  He was not a very talkative man. Angel decided to ask him some questions. She was curious to know a bit more about this stranger.

“Jack are you a good, I mean is your photo’s, I mean how do you photograph”, Angel’s English was good but she found herself tongue tied around this man.

He stopped, smiled, and looked intently at her and said, “Angel I photograph animals in their natural habitat, I photograph beautiful settings, and I especially enjoy photographing beautiful women.  Just like you’!

Angel felt herself blush and wondered if he noticed.  There was something that attracted her to this man.

“Would you pose for me? It is getting dark now and the moon is just coming out and you can see it trying to sneak through the clouds.  It is almost ethereal and I would love to photograph you in the moonlight?’

Angel hesitated.

“The moon will cast off the perfect light in about two hours, and I know the perfect place, not far from here.’

Angel was tempted. She had always had a fantasy about having an affair with a black man, and posing for one, well, wouldn’t that be almost the same?”

Jack smiled, and reached for her hand and said, “I promise there will be nothing inappropriate, only the soft moonlight shining on your beautiful body, and shadows on your face. You will be the perfect model.’

Angel’s heart beat faster and faster. It was madness. She didn’t know him at all. Anything could happen. Maybe something would. However she felt like she could trust him, even though they had just met. He was tall, and strong, and his voice was confident and deep, without meeting him she would be lost in the forest and he wanted to do anything to her he already could have.  His confident manner made her feel like they had been friends forever and deep down she hoped that perhaps they would be. As they walked through the forest, he spoke about his passion for life, photography, nature his family back in New York, and his dream of traveling throughout Asia.

For someone that at first she thought was quiet, he had opened up.  But not with dribble, everything he said was of substance.  It was like he had empowered himself to only use words that he meant.  The more he spoke, the fonder of him she became.


He then said, ‘We are here.”

“What” she said in a disappointed voice.  “I thought you said it was a 2 hour walk”!

He said, “Angel, We have been walking for more than two hours.”

She could not believe it.  It had felt like it had only been minutes, so caught up in what he had to say that time had just vanished.  She said, “So sorry, time must have slipped away from me.  Jack I haven’t thanked you for finding me.  I do not know what would have become of me if you had not come along.”

Jack said, “You are very welcome. But I must say Thank you, Angel. You are a wonderful person, to trust me enough to photograph you. I am sure that your boyfriend must be wondering where you are now that it has come to night?’

Angel blushed, “I broke up with my boyfriend today. That is why I am here at the park. I needed to have some time to myself.  I am glad it is over and after meeting you I know it is the right choice as there are people out there, like you, that are just so much nicer and more interesting.”

“Wow, Guess I am sad for him, but it’s lucky for me, that we could meet. Fate, I’d say, or perhaps destiny?’

Jack stopped at the edge of a group of trees. There were a few big boulders, and a deep pool of water. The sound of a waterfall in the distance could be heard. The moon had risen, and silver light transformed the trees, and branches into slow moving silver green arms covered in fog. The calls of the insects seemed louder too, as they came closer to the water. It was very pretty. The full moon was bright and golden, the light reflected in the perfectly calm water. Not even a ripple on the water.

“It’ s so beautiful, I think we should put our feet in the water.” Angel suggested, and started to take off her shoes.  “If we have time of course, relax a bit, before we get to work.’ Angel felt bold, and shy, at the same time.

Jack said, “You are crazy, it is pretty cool up here but what the heck.  I have a towel in my backpack.  Let’s do it”.’

Jack laughed and tossed off his shoes, and they both walked to the water’s edge. The water was cold, and night air cool.

“Shall we jump in? It seems a waste time to go this far and not do the job completely!” Jack said, his voice husky and slow.

Angel looked up at him, her breath caught in her chest. He was so well built, this African American man. She could see the muscles in his arms, and had noted his broad thighs. His hands were confident as he had reached for hers before, they were strong and he was pulling off his shirt, and flung it into the bushes. Moonlight washed over his body. Angel couldn’t help but stare at him. He was beautiful. He undid the zip in his trousers, and Angel turned away. The sound teasing her senses, she peeked at him, anyway, he was standing in his boxer shorts. Moonlight shone right though them, she could see every inch, or to be correct the many inches of him, he may as well have taken them off.

Angel held her breath and unfastened her blouse. The buttons were tight, and difficult to undo. She tugged at her shirt, and wrenched it off her body. She slipped out of her jeans, and stood in her panties and bra, thankful that she was wearing a new white lace set.

Jack was mesmerized. She may as well have also been naked, her underwear left very little to the imagination, what little of it there was. Jack was very turned on, and ran into the lake.

“Come into the water?’ Jack called out.

Angel stood in the moonlight, a feeling of freedom washing over her body. Along with the moonlight, she felt like a new woman. There was nothing she couldn’t do, or wouldn’t do. She felt a part of the natural world. Like the men and woman of ancient times. There were no rules to obey in Shaninxi forest. They were just a young man and a women together with nature. They were attracted to each other. What did it matter if they were strangers? Angel was free. She could do anything she liked, on a night like tonight. She walked slowly into the water.

Jack watched her walk towards him. Her body was bathed in silver light, her straight black hair hung down her back in a silk curtain. She was a fantasy come to life, this mysterious oriental woman he had met just a few short hours ago. Time stopped, the night went darker around them and they felt like they were the only two people existing in the world. She was a Taiwan angel come to life. She almost seemed to float towards him, the water barely moved. Jack watched her dive into the water, and swim towards him. His heart was in his chest, his body aching and his cock becoming erect. He wanted to touch her. Feel the smooth delicate porcelain skin and the beauty of her body. Taste the softness of her lips. She swam to him, slowly, every stroke perfect. Her delicate arms dipping into the water, and slim legs floating behind her. She was a water nymph.

“You are so beautiful in the moonlight,” Jack said softly, his voice a whisper.

Angel smiled shyly, “The water is wonderful.’

He said, “Yes, It is.’

She said, “I feel so free.’

He said,” So do I.’ Jack answered leaning closer to her. “I had a dream I would meet a beautiful Asian woman on my travels.’

Angel looked up at his handsome face, and saw him smiling at her. She returned his smile, and felt free and fearless. She leaned forward, closer to him. She placed her hands on his chest, and felt his heart beating. He places his hands over hers.

“ I can feel your heartbeat.’ She said

“ It only beats for you.’ Jack answered, slipping his arms around her.

They were so close that Angel could feel his breath on her skin, she could feel the stubble of his two day growth graze her face. He kissed her neck, his lips warm on her skin. Her every nerve tingled and the world around her spun. Moonlight and water washed over them. They clung to each other as the insects buzzed around them, lips meeting lips, and tasting the sweet freedom of a strangers love. He was gentle, and kind, and told her again how beautiful she was. Jack spun her through the water, and pulled her body against his.  This was going to be Angel’s most erotic Taiwan story ever.

“You are so handsome and strong”, Angel said, stroking his cheek, and kissing his neck.

His muscular body was so hard. Angel couldn’t help but compare him to her ex-boyfriend, Chen.  Chen was who was skinny and had no muscles at all and the way he moved and spoke was always erratic making her feel nervous. This man was strong and gentle, and made her feel so delicate and small. In his arms, she felt more powerful, and weak, at the same time.

“I think we should take the pictures now.’ Jack said, kissing her softly.

Angel was disappointed, that he wanted to leave the water, and take pictures. Surely, it was enough to spend such wonderful time together. Jack walked out and got his cameras ready.

“Where do you want me?’ Angel asked.

Jack chuckled, “Why everywhere, of course, but for now, can you stand in the water, and look up at the moon.’

Angel nodded, “I am in my underwear.  What do you want me to wear?”

Jack said, “If you wouldn’t mind taking them off.’

Angel felt shy, but she could not deny him and she wanted him so bad now.  So she took off her bra first revealing a pair that would grace the cover of the illustrated Kama Sutra with pride.  The nipples were pointed and erect and with the cold water dripping off them made Jack just want to envelop them in his hands so warm them up.  He wanted to take those areolas deep in his mouth sucking them until she would squirm in ecstasy.  As she slowly slipped down her panties revealing her almost hairless fanny.  It always bewildered how most oriental women were so silky and smooth.  He just wanted to touch her – be with her.

Jack said, “ Can you lie down in the water please?” as he walked to her, and moved her arms, and legs, getting her into a more relaxed and erotic position. He picked up his camera, and aimed it at her. Angel felt quite shy and turned her head away.


Angel in the Moonlight


“ Relax honey, you are beautiful. The moonlight is beautiful. You are a goddess. Your body is amazing.  You should see the shots that I am getting”.

Jack smiled at her, and her confidence grew.

“Yes, gorgeous, just like that. Now look at me. Better. Now turn around. Yes. Lean forward. A little more. Now look back at me. Look naughty. Like you’ve just been surprised.’

Angel felt even more confident.

“You’re a natural Angel. Have you ever thought of doing any modeling work? You could make a fortune. That hot body. You are a waste as a teacher, you could be making so much money. You are so hot. Yeah, baby. Give me sexy!’

Angel pouted her lips, and put her hands on her hips, she got up and she strutted and turned, and blew kisses at Jack, her wet body glistening in the moonlight and placed her hands over her breasts.

“Oh my God, that’s the shot, more like that, you are so hot!”

Jack moved her onto the rocks, and helped her up one of the boulders.

“You are so sexy, the light is amazing. I want you to look up at the moon, and show me your inner moon goddess. You are the night. You are the moon. You are all woman. You are so hot.”

Jack told her how to pose, and what to do with her hair. The shots were amazing, possibly the best he had ever done. He could sell them so fast. They would make him so much money.  He took some more shots by the tree’s.

Angel said, “I’m starting to feel a little cold.”  Goosebumps ran up and down her flesh. She was thirsty too, somehow in all the excitement, she hadn’t really been thinking about her stomach but now she was cold, hungry and a little tired too.

Jack said, “I am so sorry Angel, I was so carried away with your beauty that I did not even think about how you were feeling.”

She said, “I think I am feeling in love with you a little bit.  You are my erotic story

Jack laughed that deep and hearty laugh of his and she knew that she had fallen hard for this man.

He said, ‘Believe it or not it is almost dawn.  Why don’t we lay underneath the tree and we will use our body heat to warm us up.  Let’s put some clothes on first.”

Angel was a bit disappointed as she was not so hot for Jack Spencer and was hoping that their erotic encounter was going to end up in heated passion.  However she felt extremely exhausted and it would be so much better when they woke.  They put their clothes on and Angel was enveloped by Jack’s strong arms and as the last of the moonlight washed over their bodies she fell into a deep sleep.

Angel awoke a short time later to the sounds of people shouting ‘Hello, Hello’.  Jack was nowhere to be seen.  A short time later two park rangers appeared and ran over, “Are you alright miss?  Are you okay?”

Angel got to her feet and said, ‘Where is Jack”.

The rangers looked perplexed and said, “We have been searching for you miss.  There are others out looking for you too.  We have image recognition technology at the parks entrance to monitor the visitors and it showed that you had not left the park yesterday.  You have been lost – and to be quite honest lucky still to be alive.  It was very cold last night.”

Angel said in a more demanding voice, “Where is Jack?  Jack Spencer.  The camera man from New York that is photographing the monkeys in the park.  Surely you must know of him.”

Both Rangers had a shocked look on their faces and one said, “Miss, you must not joke like this.”

Angel said, “You think I am joking.  I spent the night with this man.  He rescued me when I was lost.  Where is he.”

The ranger said, “Miss, Jack Spencer died ten years ago in this forest.  He fell from the cypress tree whilst photographing the monkeys.”


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