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A Night In The Taiwan Villa!

My wife and I have been through tough times lately. You know, seeing the same face right next to you for almost ten years makes a relationship a bit boring. No wonder why our intimate life was almost dead. Both of us are always busy at work back in Detroit. My Susan always comes home early and has to wait for me until late at night. In those days when I managed to get home earlier, I was so tired that I could barely stand on my feet. So I was in no mood for sex.

Luckily, Susan and I aren’t the cheating type, but I began to notice my wife’s disappointment in our intimate relationship, and that was devastating me, as I was the only one responsible for this. I never caught her having fun with herself, but that’s probably because I wasn’t around most of the time. Gladly, she never caught me chatting with girls on cheap dating sites, like Nataly dating on the web.

Anyways, when I told her that we’re going to Taiwan, she was so excited that I could see little sparks in her eyes. I didn’t want to spoil the fun, so I decided not to mention that our trip was related to my work. I bet she had a lot of plans for it, so I wasn’t surprised when she got upset after I told her that our ‘thrilling adventure’ was actually a seminar. Probably the most appropriate phrase to describe her reaction was ‘furiously mad.’ But as we came there, I quickly finished the official part of the trip took Susan to a party that came after the seminar.

My boss threw the party at his huge villa. The place was really great, but it got even better when I finally realized that I was thousands of miles away from home. I actually wondered why the boss is paying me so little if he has a ton of money. But as much as I was impressed with the villa, I was totally disappointed with the party. And I could tell that Susan wasn’t much happy to be there, too. I don’t know what I was thinking about at that moment, but I grabbed her hand and told that I wanted to show her something awesome.

And I don’t know who was surprised more – me or Susan. Leaving the party too early wasn’t the best idea, but I got sick of the faces I see every single day at the office. Fortunately, no one noticed us disappearing, and, which was even better, no one saw me taking my wife through the long corridor we weren’t supposed to go to and pulling her into one of the rooms.

Taiwan Fornication

If someone caught us in this part of the villa, I’d have a lot of troubles. All my thoughts were occupied with one fantasy me and Sue have always had. I couldn’t believe that I was about to turn it into reality. We’ve never had sex outside our bedroom, and I thought I’d never have the guts to do it, especially in my boss’s house.

Well, looks like I still don’t know myself well enough…

Leaving doubts behind, I opened a door and checked if there was nobody in the room. I was almost sure that what we were about to do was madness, but I picked Sue up and threw her on the couch. She finally realized what I wanted to show her.

My voice changed, and I said viciously ‘I’m gonna make you remember this day forever.’

Oh yeah, I was about to get rid of all that sexual energy I needed to relieve a long time ago. I lowered myself onto her, kissing her with rude passion. I wasn’t going to stop. I wouldn’t even if someone entered the room.

In a couple of seconds, Sue had nothing but her bra on, and I was eating her out. It was so satisfying to feel her once again. Apparently, I was pretty good with my tongue, as I’ve never heard Sue moaning so loud. I felt that she was about to explode, so I stopped.

I pulled my pants off and shoved my solid dick straight down her throat. I wanted this little whore to feel every inch of it. I was shoving my dick as far as it could go, hearing her choking. At this moment, I wasn’t thinking about my wife. I was enjoying every moment.  It was so damn good to feel my balls hitting Sue’s lips again and again. A few seconds after, I put my hands on her cheeks and shouted ‘Swallow it all!’ And she did. I was feeling like she wasn’t my wife. I was so rude and passionate as if I was fucking someone else.

Once she swallowed everything to the last drop, I picked her up and threw this bitch down on her stomach. She wasn’t saying anything, but I already knew that she wanted me inside her. She was still shocked after what I did to her.

I thrust my dick into her wet ass. Actually, we’ve never had anal before, and all this was unbelievable. I don’t know for sure if she felt any pain, but judging by her face and tears, she did. I didn’t care, though… When I was done doing her from behind, I flipped her again and pushed her against the couch.

This time, I decided to find out what she thinks and whispered ‘Are you up for more?’ She couldn’t speak, so she just nodded. And I began fucking her really hard. I felt like I was a wild animal.

A few more minutes after, I cummed and let her go. I can imagine the pain she was experiencing, as even my hands and legs were killing me. Sue laid on the couch, trying to catch her breath. Looks like this trip wasn’t that bad after all.

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