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Things to Consider When Starting a Camming Career

Starting a camming career is one of the best decisions you can make. You get to showcase your sexuality, remove some pent-up sexual tension, have fun with a wide range of sex toys, connect with like-minded people, and most importantly, make a bucket load of money in the process.

Of course some people have reservations about showcasing their sexual side on live video online, but if you happen to be part of the special group that doesn’t mind and actually love doing so, then you’re in for some serious fun.

Before you proceed, however, there are a few things you have to consider coming up with the perfect plan to conquer this field. You don’t have to worry, though, we have highlighted all of this below along with tips on how to provide the most optimal answers to all of these questions.


What Cam Platform to Register With?


The first question, obviously, before starting to broadcast as a model is which platform to broadcast on in the first place? Well, before we give our verdict as to which one we consider the best, it is worth mentioning that there are a lot of great platforms out there.

Ultimately, the “best” comes down to which we consider most reliable and trustworthy in all metrics. For this, we can say that Chaturbate tops the list.

They have a great website that is simple to navigate, a ready traffic of millions of users, and of course a good token and rewards system that ensures models and broadcasters get what they deserve.


What Kinds of Shows?


Another question to consider is what kinds of shows you’ll be focusing on. Generally on Chaturbate the most popular show is the group show, where as many people tune in without paying a fee to get in, but subsequent actions from the model would require a collective tip.

Private shows are considered the most lucrative. In this kind of show you only perform for one person who is able to make requests. Private shows are charged at a fixed fee per minute. Other users can also spy on your private show for a token. They’ll be able to see what’s going on but won’t be able to make a request.

Cam2Cam shows allow both the broadcaster and the viewer to see each other through their webcams. Ticket shows are group shows that require upfront payment before users are allowed in.


Kinks and Fetishes


Speaking of types of shows, apart from the general types of shows, you must also consider which specific type of show you want to put on for your audience, that is what are the toys and kinks that you’ll be working with.

One of the surest guarantees of success on Chaturbate and most cam platform is to select a kink that you’re most comfortable with and direct all of your energy on focusing on that niche.

BDSM is an example. BDSM lovers would do well to make that the theme of their shows, this way they can attract a host of loyal followers in that niche instead of trying to focus their energy on an all-round show type.


Customizing your Profile


One of the appeals of starting a Chaturbate profile as a cam model is that you get to customize your profile to make it attractive, unique, and also informative. All of these can go a long way in making you a real success on the platform.

For example, being attractive and unique has its own gain in that it makes people curious about you. With the key information about you that you pass on with this customization, your prospective fans and viewers get to know more about you, just enough to make them want to tune in to your shows.

You can also let them know about your schedule, tip menu, upsell products and others through this way. Luckily it is also quite easy to customize your profile.

If you don’t want to go through the stress and time-consuming process of making an elaborate design on your own, and don’t want to waste money paying someone else to do it on your behalf, you can easily get high-quality professional Chaturbate templates at

These templates can be easily personalized to reflect your taste and details, before being exported to your Chaturbate profile in a few easy clicks.

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