Taiwan Adult Services

Taiwan Wanhua District Photo

The Taiwan sex industry has a multitude of services which run from massage parlours, strip clubs, saunas, spas and KTV bars. Depending on the service you would like and how much you would like to spend depends on where you choose to go.Although Taiwan has approved of a law which allows the operation of red light districts designated by the local government, no local governments have implemented any zones for legal operation. This means people who are operating in unofficial red light districts are engaging in illegal services.

Taiwan Red Light District Locations

Most sex workers have moved underground or work with fake shop fronts that advertise the exchange of services for money. Although there are acouple of Non DesignatedRed Light DistrictLocations which can be found in Taiwan that include:


  • Opposite the Taichung Good Ground Hotel/Marshal, No. 58 Guangfu Road, Taichung City, Taiwan 400
  • You may also be able to find brothels around the Hua Xi Jie Night market.


Taichung Red Light Hotel


  • Wanhua is the main non designated red light district in Taiwan. You will be able to find a lot of massage parlours and karaoke bars in Wan-Hua. There are also a lot of prostitutes who work on the streets. There are also women who stand outside brothels who may offer discounted services and attempt to physically pull you into their store, this sale method is known as ”pulling the customer”. Sometimes the women pull the customer offering discounts but instead charge higher rates for unknown fees. Their method can seem quite aggressive if you are not used of it or are unaware of what will happened when you walk down this street. This area has an influx of local businessmen who make the sex industry here thrive. The sex workers in this area are mainly from China or Vietnamese. It is recommended to look for workers who stand outside of their brothels but do not aggressively pull their customer in, they are more likely to be honest in the services they offer.


  • There is rumoured to be a small lane that has prostitutes standing outside near Love River.

Longshan Temple and Snake Alley

  • The Longshan Temple is a Taiwan landmark where locals go to pray and perform customary traditions. At night time after business hours in Guangzhaou Street, it turns into a night market. At a traditional looking gate at the entrance of Huaxi Street which is also known as Snake Alley, this was where one of the most infamous red light districts operated. Since there are no designated red light districts, it is unsure whether this district still exists. If you are unable to find the red light district here, you can enjoy the delights of Snake Meat, Snake Blood Drinks and Turtle Soup.

Taiwan Erotic Massage Parlours

Thai Leisurely Life

Address: No. 88 Minquan East Road Section 2, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Hours: Open 12:00 PM – 4:00 AM, 7 days a week.

Phone: 02-2523-2200.

Thai Leisurely Life. No. 88 Minquan East Road Section 2, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan. Open 12:00 PM – 4:00 AM, 7 days seven days. Phone: 02-2523-2200.

Thai Leisurely Life is an erotic Thai massage parlour in Taipei. Though no women from Thailand work there and you will not be able to get a traditional Thai massage here either. There are also other erotic Thai massage parlours in the surrounding area like Thai Happiness.

The Thai Leisurely Life is definitely not hard to find, as it is found on the Minquan East Road which many people travel through. The massage parlour is clearly advertised with a sign displayed on the outside. It also stays open well into the night. This means the surrounding shop will close down, making the parlour lights more obvious.

The shop is lovely and well maintained. The waiting room on the ground floor is open and roomy. This room is always has a customer service women at the front who you are able to talk to.  The receptionist is able to understand some English and can clearly inform you about the services and prices which are currently available.

Some of their services include a 1 hour oil massage for 1000 New Taiwan Dollars which is $31 USD this is the average price in Taipei. A two hour oil back rubs are 1500 New Taiwan Dollars which is $47 USD which is an excellent and affordable price.   Most masseuse will offer a happy ending.

Thai Happiness In Taiwan

Address: No. 80 Minquan East Road Section 2, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Hours: Open 12:00 PM – 4:00 AM, 7 days a week.

Phone: (02) 2531-0809.

Thai Happiness is anerotic Thai massager parlour within Tapei. The women who work here are not from Thailand but rather from the mainland of China. They are not experienced in providing Thai massage but they can give you a good quality massage.

Thai Happiness is found near Taizhilian Spa. It can easily be found just opposite the Landis Hotel. It is designed with red colours. There is an old advertisement outside which says you can get a 2 hour service which is not actually available.

They will show you a price listing when you enter. Some of their services include a Thai back rub at 1000 New Taiwan Dollars which is $31 USD and an Oil Massage for 1500 New Taiwan Dollars which is $47 USD. If you are after something with additional features, it is a good idea to choose the Oil Massage and add on top of that the other services you would like. They have an added “-service” which is named the 'Rusty Trombone'.

Taiwan Caesar World Sauna

Taiwan Caesarworld Sauna Photo


Address: No. 337 Nanjing East Road Section 3, 15F, Songshan District, Taipei.

Hours: Open every day from 10 am to night.

Phone: (02) 2712-9999.

Caesarworld Sauna is a men’s sauna in Taipei. It was established within a main shopping centre on the fifteenth floor of the Momo retail chain on Nanjing East Road in the Songshan District. It has largely went under the radar of the government, the only time it was in the media attention was when the shopping centre had previously caught on fire.

To get to the sauna you can go into the shopping centre from the Nanjing East and Dunhua North entryand find an elevator which will take you up to the floor. You will pass a lot of different shops on your way there so it is a good idea, to have a look around and explore. You can also get there by finding Starbucks, turn left and enter the glass doors where you will find the elevators nearby. Once you are in the elevator press the button 15.

As soon as you leave the lift, you will see the entrance of the sauna. The hallway and the pools leading up to the sauna is out dated. The customer service desk is operated by women, they will provide you with a wristband which is your entry ticket which means you are allowed to use the Sauna. You will find the Sauna to be a relaxing experience.

When you leave the sauna you put a robe on and relax in a lounge where you can have a drink or something to eat.  It is then when you decide whether you have just come for a spa/sauna or something more.  A hostess will approach and let you know of the other services available.

There are quite a few services offered but the house speciality is a service called the "special massage", it is priced at 4200 Taiwan Dollars which is $137 USD. If you agree to one of the special service you are led down a hall with many doors and the sounds of sex surround.  You are given a room with a shower and massage table.  Girls will then appear at your front door, one after the other, until you select the one you want.

Taizhilian Spa

Address: No. 75 Minquan East Road Section 2, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Hours: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone: (02) 2599-1314.

Taizhilian Spa is one of the best massage parlours where you will find locals and tourists using their services. The Taizhilian Spa is known inEnglish under an extensive variety of alternative names including 75 Massage and Blue Minquan Massage. Some people claim that it is difficult to find but it can be easily be found along a road as the shop has signs out the front. The shop from is themed with blue colours, it has a beach like scene with palm tree designs on it. Making it even easier to notice is that the glass doors have "24H" in big, bold red colours. The only places open all day and night are massage parlours.

Taizhilian Spa is located on Minquan East Road between an appliance and bedding store. It is also conveniently located near the Xingtian Temple MRT Station and most taxi services will know where it is.


Zhongshan District, Taiwan

When customers walk in they will find a front counter and a sofa. The customer service representative at the front, speaks a very low level of English however this is not an issue as there is a menu displaying the services available. There are only two varieties of massages available at the front counter for 1200 and another for 1500 New Taiwan Dollars. Happy ending massages are priced at 1500 NTD which is $50 USD. To select the massage simply point at the option on the menu and give the lady at the desk the correct amount of cash. If you would like to choose a masseuse you will need to tell her the name or number, if you don’t select on, you will be given the next masseuse in the line.

Once inside the room other services will be offered. Prices may seem quite high as opposed to other local services but the quality they provide is equivalent to the money you pay. A full service can cost as little as 2000 or 3000 which is $65-100 USD or as much as 5000 NTD which is $165 USD. Oral services cost around 1000 which is $33 USD.

Sauna City, Luohu District

Address: New Ginza Sauna City, Luohu District, People's South Road (Spring Road)

The entry fee is $600NT which is around $20US. This gives you access into the sauna, strip club and three beers. Some strip clubs can charge as much as $1000NT which is $35US and the price can go higher if it is an event or public holiday. Commonly, the Taiwanese girls do not shave underneath their waist and have smaller sized breasts which is important to consider depending on the type of women you are interested in viewing.



Lap dances cost around $100NT which is around $3US. They can last as little as thirty seconds to as long as five minutes. It is recommended to have a look around the strip club to see how different strippers interact with their clients so you can get a better understanding of who you would like to pay for. You should look for someone who is willing to give you a longer lap dance and can give you a massage. If you are going there with a group of 4 people, if you pay around $2000NT which is around $70US an hour you will get all the attention you want from as many girls as you want.

If you are planning on spending larger amounts of money and staying for a longer period of time you should consider visiting a KTV woman. This is only because at strip clubs you are there with other men who would like the same experiences. If you get serviced by a KTV lady, you’ll get far greater individual service. 

Taiwan KTV Ladies


KTV LadiesTaiwan Photo

Linsen Bei Jiǔdiàn

Address: Linsen North Road

Linsen North Road is most famous in Taipei as being an unofficial red light districts. This street has LinsenBei Jiǔdiàn which is a bar operating small KTV rooms. The site has women workers (Jiǔdiàn Xiǎojiě) who spend their time with mainlymen who will sing karaoke, drink and may engage further in other sexual activities if previously specified.

These sites operate after working hours till early morning hours. The women are beautifully dressed. The newer employed women drink heavily but this means they are less likely to be tipped and makes their work much harder. The KTV women who work here longer do not drink as much as the customers tend to relax after they have had their own drinks. A typical woman who works here earns around NT$100,000 to NT$200,000 ($3-6000USD) in a month if they choose to work five nights a week. The average monthly income in Taiwan is $1000USD a month. Some of this income goes to spending money on makeup or clothes for the job.

Some Jiǔdiànthe women take their clothes off, they may be fully or partially nude. They dance with their clientele but do not exchange money for sexual services. Some places do not allow the customers to touch the women. Though there are many KTV locations which do allow the exchange of money for sexual services.


KTV Room Taiwan Photo


The most common customer is the local Taiwanese or Japanese businessmen. The businessmen mainly talk about their professional works rather than spending too much time with the girls. If you don’t speak strong mandarin you may not be given entry as the communication breakdown can cause some problems especially if you are looking for more services. You do not have to be a great singer, you really just have to have fun at your own pace. The women check up on them regularly to ensure they are okay.

Karaoke Tay Vin (KTV) bars do hire male workers known as “Shàoyé” whoperform housework duties like keeping the place clean and ensuring that the karaoke microphone and sound system are in working order. They bring the food or drinks to the private room and will take the customers to other areas in the KTV. If the women are nude, the Shàoyé are not allowed to see them and they are not the ones who check up on the customers. Shàoyérely on tips from the customer. Some nights they are lucky and get good tips other times they get nothing.

If you are in a group, there is normally a minimum number of girls you have to hire to spend your time in one of the loungers with them. Ontop of the money for the girls you also pay for drinks and food.  The average group spend arounds NT$20,000 per hour.

When you walk in, you must purchase a jug or bottle of alcohol priced at around $1000NT which is $35US. You may also be asked to buy one of the women a drink for around $200NT to300NT which is around $7US to $10US. As you both drink, you are able to engage in polite conversation to see whether you would like her services. If you have agreed to her services you can spend your time with her in a booth. If you don’t wish to take your time getting to know the women, you can simply walk in a buy a bottle of alcohol, choose one of the women and go directly to a booth.

Booth prices for two hours of usage are around $3000NT to $4000NT which is $110 to $145US. This is affordable if you compare it to Gold Money Jaguar which has prices around $330US for two hours. Different women may perform different services which is why it is a good idea to talk to the women beforehand.

There are three different types of KTV women who include:

  • Class A: Sexy women who will spend their time with you to talk, teas and sing. If you are fortunate they may take their top off.
  • Class B: Not as hot as Class A but provide a large range of services. They will probably be totally exposed after an hour and will be exceptionally fun and sociable. At times, you may even get a sensual caress or a blow job depending on how nice you are to them.
  • Class C: Class C are essentially strippers. Some may be old and not as attractive as Class B or A.  To a great degree they are willing to please, they may engage in sexual relations with you.

So it's truly an issue of what you need, when you go. Most folks will instruct you to go for a Class B as it is a decent trade off. You can not ask the KTV "Would you be able to give me a decentyoung Class B lady?" They won't understand what you mean. If you go there with someone who has a Taiwanese background they will be able to arrange you are able to receive what you need. KTV ladies are different from talking to the pimps of street prostitutes, you will need to be polite and charming in your interactions.

If you choose to go to a Lady KTV you will be able to find a women who is able to leave with you to a local hotel, motel or inn.  Three hours is priced around $6000NT to 10000NT which is $220US to $330US.

Likewise you can also go to a local bar earlier in the night to drink and meeting locals who you may be able to take to a private setting. The women may stay with you for a couple of hours or stay with you until morning. You also have to remember if you are going to hire a hotel the rooms can cost around $2000NT to 3000NT which is $70US to $110US for a night.

If you go to a strip club you can have multiple different women spending some time with you giving you lap dances through the night though if you pick a KTV Lady you will have one women giving you special time throughout the time paid for your sexual services.

Golden Jaguar KTV Club

Address: Taiwan Blvd. (past Taichung Port Rd.) in Taichung City,

The Golden Jaguar Club is the most famous in Taipei, Taiwan.  It has made healdlines in the local media many times because of its popularity.  The Taiwan News in February 2017 when the election for the Kuomintang Chairmanship got strange when a senior party official recruited 600 KTV hostesses from the Golden Jaguar and High Pie KTV clubs to apply for memberships to the party.

There are more hostesses at the Golden Jaguar Club than any other and because of the large selection of choice and how busy the club can be prices can be higher than other venues.


Golden Jaguar KTV Hostesses

High Pie KTV Club

No. 77, Qinghai South Street, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407