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Tips for Dating and Relationships in Taiwan

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Because we live in the digital revolution era, a big part of our lives depends on electronic devices and the Internet. Of course, we must not forget the never-ending situation with COVID-19. As you all know, since last March, many of the things that we used to enjoy doing are no longer simple. Many of us can’t travel. We are worried about seeing friends or going to bars and clubs, which are the most likely places to get new acquaintances.

That said, nowadays, people of all ages choose to visit dating sites, hoping to meet someone interesting. Online dating allows you to be more specific about your wishes. For example, if you are passionate about video games, you can point out that you are interested in finding people who share your hobby. There are lots of people who enjoy traveling and exploring other countries, and they choose only to meet potential partners from a country other than theirs.  It somehow turns out that many of these individuals are even more curious to get to know someone from another continent. Hence, we can find lots of profiles of men and women from the USA and Western Europe looking to meet someone from Asia or South America.  If you are in this group, you are, perhaps, eager to know more tips for dating someone in Taiwan. Before we go on, we would like to tell you that you can use these as tips for dating during COVIDor later, when travel resumes, and you can go to Taiwan. If you are currently there for work or other reasons, these tips for dating can also be helpful.

Tips for Dating A Taiwanese

Don’t Build Expectations Based on What You See on TV

Okay. We can say that this may be one of the critical tips for dating for beginners and also those who have more experience dating women from other cultures.  You see, in recent years, if you live in a place with a large Chinese community, it is likely that you came across some Taiwanese series or reality programs that tend to depict women in a certain way. Keep in mind that girls from TV are paid to entertain people. In reality, they are very different from those that you see on TV. It is necessary to remember this when you start chatting with someone online or go to Taiwan.

If You Are a Woman Wanting to Meet a Taiwanese Guy

There isn’t a country on this planet that is not patriarchal. However, the fact that the system of male domination is vibrant everywhere doesn’t mean that there aren’t different manifestations in various places. Therefore, if you are interested in tips for dating for the first time, you should be prepared to deal with the fact that men from Taiwan prefer women who fit in their concept of femininity. What does it mean? Well, they like women who are fragile, delicate, and entirely dependent. Although many Taiwanese men perceive any sign of independence as unfeminine, it cannot be said for all of them, of course. But it is useful to know the usual gender norms, so you can avoid them.

Creating a Profile on a Dating Site

If you want to meet a Taiwanese woman, unless you are already there, you should look for some useful tips for a man’s dating profile. Remember, it is not about uploading a picture where you look like Patrick Schwarzenegger. It is more about how you present in general. Taiwanese women will pay more attention to your neat haircut or trimmed beard than muscles. Also, make sure to be well dressed. Another useful tip is to show that you are learning Mandarin.

Speed Dating on the Plane

Although it sounds surreal, it is true. The Taiwanese airline company Eva Air and Travel Company Mobius International started the project called Fly! Love is flying in the sky! So, it is a flight without a destination, and the whole purpose is to let people find love. When you are looking for tips for dating during the pandemic, you will come across this option. If you are already in Taiwan, you can try this out. Since it is created as a speed dating event, you might want to look for some tips for speed dating questions in Taiwan.

Taiwanese Women Are Shy

Whether you are looking for tips for dating a younger woman or someone of your age, you have to be prepared for the fact that Taiwanese ladies are extremely shy. It has to do with Taiwanese etiquette but also with the position of women in society. That is why you have to be careful in the way you approach and flirt with them.

Final Words

One of the crucial tips for dating a Taiwanese woman is to make sure that you respect their culture. It is necessary regardless of whether you are going on a date for the first time or you are already married for 15 years. Also, keep in mind that they are not native English speakers. Some women speak it almost perfectly but are still very insecure about it. That is why it is necessary to be patient. Have you been thinking about meeting Taiwanese or someone from a culture different than yours?

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