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Things to Consider About Relationships and Sex while Traveling

How to Manage your Relationship and Sex Life while Traveling

Traveling is a good way to revive your sex life

Traveling allows you to see new places, try new delicacies, and meet new people. It’s a time to have fun and forget about your worries, so don’t be surprised if you fall for somebody. Being away from home comes with excitement and a short time frame to evoke emotions and create relationships.

How to Manage Your Sex Life as You Travel

It can be challenging to handle relationships and sex while traveling. In the best hookup sites review, it will be explained what to consider about relationships and sex while traveling.

Get Tested Before Your Journey

It is crucial to practice better sex hacks while traveling by getting tested before the journey. It helps you to enjoy your relationship and sex life without worrying about transmitting or contracting any STIs. Health professionals recommend people with a high risk of infection get tested regularly. For instance, if you are sexually active or if you have multiple sex partners.

Getting tested for STIs is essential for your health and wellbeing; this is one of the most crucial sex tips life hacks because some STIs don’t show any symptoms. Others have symptoms that go away; the only way to ensure you are safe is to get a test. Some STIs can lead to severe issues when left untreated. Tests help to detect infections early and to start an effective treatment. It is essential to inform your partner if you have an STI.

Be Safe

Practice safe sex by using protection

One of the most obvious sex hacks is to be safe; condoms are cheap and available worldwide. It’s wise to bring a pack of condoms because you might have difficulties accessing them on the road; it’s better to be prepared.

Condoms are easy to use; you can find many safe sex hacks on YouTube to use them effectively. They prevent STDs like gonorrhea, HIV, and chlamydia. Unlike what most people think, you can still have a good time with condoms. They come in different textures, shapes, and styles that enhance your experience.

You can use them for anal, oral, or vaginal sex; however, you and your partner like to get down. They allow you to get lost in the pleasure without the worry of STDs or pregnancy. If you’re a woman and on a birth control pill, using a condom is effective in preventing STIs. No birth control method is 100%; adding condoms enhances your protection.

One condom is enough; you don’t have to use the male condom and the internal condom together. The good thing about condoms is that they have no side effects; they are safe for everybody except people with latex allergy, and other times the lube in some condoms can irritate some people.


Wondering how to have safe unprotected sex? One of the best tips is to have consent, but what does this mean? Some travelers don’t consider consent; they are all about partying and getting wasted. The rules of asking for consensual sex remain the same everywhere. Giving and getting consent can be challenging even if you have a long-term partner. The only way to be sure that your partner consents is to ask.

First, ensure that she’s coherent; if she’s too drunk to communicate, she is too drunk to consent, especially if you just met. Also, if you feel fuzzy or drunk, you might want to re-think your decision of hooking up. However, you don’t have to bombard your partner with questions; you need to understand that someone can change her mind before or during the act. Your partner can withdraw consent at any time.

Don’t ask for consent if the other person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, if you both have a language barrier and don’t understand each other, if your partner doesn’t feel comfortable, or if you met a girl who is out of money and is looking for a place to stay for the night.

Use Lube

This might sound obvious but using lube is one of the crucial BuzzFeed sex hacks. Natural lubrication shows a woman’s arousal, but sometimes the body can take time catching up to your aroused mind. Sometimes, you can be turned on but still need lube; it’s normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t be afraid of using lube unless it irritates either of you.

Traveling helps you to discover new places and adventures; lube can help you experience new sensations. It can also help to solve problems with natural lubrication; some women find it hard to lubricate even when they have a strong desire. For instance, if you’re on the pill, it might reduce your lubrication because it alters your hormones. After using lube, you’ll not know how to feel after sex because it frees you up to focus on the act. You’ll enjoy it because you have no distractions or worries.

Use Toys

Sex toys enhance your experience

Sex toys can enhance your experience and improve your sex life. However, it is necessary to choose them wisely because you can’t travel with them everywhere. It’s crucial to research about your destination before packing your valuables. If your destination allows sex toys, pack the ones not likely to be mistaken for weapons.

BDSM equipment and stainless-steel dildos might be confiscated or considered dangerous. Remove the batteries from your vibrator and let your rechargeable toys run low before packing. Unlike what most people think, sex toys are not for the lonely; they increase pleasure for couples as they would for singles.

Discussing the type of sex toys to use allows you to open up about your sexual desires and needs; this is crucial for an incredible experience. It also helps to understand the other person and how to satisfy him/her. If you use the right sex toys, you don’t have to worry about how to recover after sex.

Sex dolls are a great way to have safe sex and experience new delights.


Have you ever heard about sex etiquette? It’s about sex talk and noise. It also includes after sex hacks like disposing of condoms appropriately; don’t leave them on the floor or lying around. If the other person only wants a hookup, don’t ask if he’s looking for a serious relationship. If you’re in a room with other travelers, be wary of making noise; this can be disturbing. If you’re in a dorm room, don’t hook up in the morning or evening when the rooms are busy.

Consider the Country’s Rules

It is necessary to consider the rules of the country you visit; different countries have varying rules. You can do some things in your country that could be illegal in other countries. You don’t want to end up in jail or on the front page of newspapers because you wanted to have fun.

Don’t Drink or Overeat

Don’t drink or overeat before sex. The best pre-sex foods should be light but rich in protein; this way, you’ll not be weighed down. Overeating makes you sleepy and sluggish. Also, avoid drinking; it doesn’t help you get in the mood. It hinders you from creating a physical and emotional connection.


You don’t have to be a sexpert to know various sex tips to enhance your relationship and sex life while traveling. It is essential to ensure that you and your partner are safe from STIs and that you practice safe sex.

What are your favorite hacks about sexfrom the list? Please leave a comment.

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