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The Sexy Mermaid Found at the Hengchun Peninsula, Taiwan

Shu-hui The Sexy Mermaid was found by Cheng-han a local fisherman who lives near the Shan-Hai a fishing village in the Hengchun Peninsula many years ago. The first sight of her surprised him as she was totally naked when he found her. He took her to his house and took care of her. The first time she woke up, it was already after 3 days. When she opened her eyes, she was almost blinded by the sunshine coming from the hole in the roof. She looked at her surroundings and saw an unfamiliar place. “Where am I? What happened to me? What is this place?” Her heart beating fast she can barely breathe. With all her strength she tried to sit down and feel her body. “Aww my arm!” She looked at her left arm and saw it bandaged with leaves and cloth. Aside from her arm injury, her whole body felt alright. “What is that?” She saw a pair of slender legs. “I have legs? I have legs! Oh no! This can’t be happening!” She tried to crawl down from the bed, and fell with a thud. “Aww!” she shouted. A man came in and rushed to her air. He was a muscular man, big wide shoulders, muscular arms, his shirt clung to his body which traced his lean torso.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

She realized she didn’t have her tail, instead she used her legs to crawl to the corner and tried to cover herself up with a blanket.

“I’m not going to hurt you” he said.

She looked at him with a mixture of fright and confusion.

“How long was I asleep?” asked Shu-hui.

“Three days” the fisherman answered.

“Wh-where did you find me?”

“Now that’ a question. I found you at the shore. You didn’t have any clothes on, and it was dawn, I was about to go fishing. You were lucky there weren’t drunk bastards outside otherwise you’ll probably be dead by now.”

That thought scared her even more. “What?”

“But don’t worry, you’re safe here. I mended your wound, it looked deep but it’s just a scratch, should be fine in a few weeks.”

“Thank you, for saving me. What is this place?”

“You’re in Hengchuang Peninsula, just near the Kenting town. A few folks live here near the shore, mostly fishermen. I’ve never seen you around here before, are you a tourist or something?”

She hesitated before answering, unaware whether she could trust him. “Yes I’m a tourist. I travelled alone.”

“Do you always travel with no clothes on?”

She didn’t answer. “That’s okay” said the fisherman. “You don’t need to tell me anything else. I’m taking you to the local police so that your family can find you.”

“No!” she cried. “I cannot leave this place. It’s dangerous.”

“The police will take care of you, that’s their job, don’t worry they will not hurt you.”

Shu-hui remembered her friend Coral swimming close to the shore. A villager saw her and was frightened, but Coral was unaware of the dangers of mingling with humans. After a few minutes, villagers came back with men they called “police”. Those men used a big fishing net and threw it at Coral, dragged her to the shore and took her away.

“But I don’t want to go, I’m staying here okay?” she cried.

“Alright, alright, we’ll figure something out. You can stay here a few more days okay. Let’s hope nobody notices you.

“Thank you”

Photo: Coral the Mermaid

“It’s Cheng-han, call me Cheng-han.”

“Thank you Cheng-han.”

The Sexy Mermaid

A week passed, Shu-hui is already used to the life in a human village. Through the week she took great care of Cheng-han, she cooked him vegetables and rice, cleaned the house, washes the dishes and the laundry. She had grown fonder of him, although she isn’t sure if Cheng-han feels the same way. Sometimes she finds him taking stolen glimpses at her.

She poured water into the jug when the small container slipped which splashed water onto her. She immediately went to the room to change. Cheng-han came in after buying gas for his burner for his fishing later, but didn’t find Shu-hui in the kitchen, so he went to the bedroom to look for her. He could see Shu-hui taking off her clothes but could not turn away from the beautiful curves of her body. It was not the first time he saw her naked, this time he felt something different. “What’s wrong with me? I better go.” He told himself.

But when she bent down to remove her lingerie, he found his feet glued to the ground. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her beautiful soft skin and her full breasts. She hung her clothes on the hook on the wall, and turned towards the box to get some clothes, but saw Cheng-han  who stood in the doorway. “I have never seen him look at me like that before. Why do I feel nervous? It’s an exciting kind of nervous though” she told herself.

Cheng-han took a step forward and another step. “I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman before, Shu-hui.” He whispered. Shu-hui just stood there frozen, she didn’t know what to do. Cheng-han reached for her shoulders, and caressed down to her slender arms to hold her hands. He gently kissed both her hands and looked her in the eyes. “You have no idea what I want to do with you right now. But I won’t do it unless you want me to.” He took a towel and wrapped it around her. He kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll see you later, okay?” He turned to go, but Shu-hui grabbed his arm. “I’ll see you later” and she gently kissed him on his lips.

Shu-hui couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t stop thinking about Cheng-han. She went outside and walked down the shore, the waves splashed against her feet. She remembered her life in the sea. “I don’t think I want to go back. I don’t want to leave Cheng-han.” It was almost dawn, Shu-hui decided to wait for Cheng-han at the shore. She saw a small boat coming, and was surprised to see Cheng-han’s boat. He immediately saw her and felt breathless. He immediately secured his boat and ran towards Shu-hui.

“Hi.” He said. “What are you doing up?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I-I was waiting for you.”

He took her hands and kissed them, and caressed them on his cheek. “You were? Why so early?”

“I can’t stop thinking about what happened earlier. About you.”

“Come on, let’s get back inside”.

“No.” And she pulled him to kiss him. The kiss was gentle, then became harder and harder. Shu-hui couldn’t keep her emotions anymore, she wanted to be one with Cheng-han, right then. Cheng-han felt obliged and carried Shu-hui to the nearest rock for cover. He kissed her on the neck down to her bosom, down her navel and then her thighs. She fell breathless. Cheng-han guided his strong hands under her shirt, and found her full round breasts waiting for him. He caressed them gently and bent down to kiss Shu-hui on her thighs. He pulled her blouse up, to reveal her bosom, and immediately sucked her tits like a baby. Shu-hui let out a gentle moan, she felt good.

Photo: Taiwan Beauty

Cheng-han took his shirt off and unzipped his pants, while Shu-hui took off her lingerie leaving her skirt and shirt on just in case villager passed them. Cheng-han laid Shu-hui on the sand, and went under her skirt, she was wet and ready. He licked her slowly and thoroughly. Her moans escaped her mouth in utter pleasure, and grabbed Cheng-han’s hair in excitement. He inserted his tongue in and out of her, leaving Shu-hui in ecstacy. When Cheng-han finished, he immediately went on top of her, and held his manhood near her wet pussy. “Are you ready?” he lovingly asked. “Yes, yes I am.” And he thrusted his fully erected manhood in her, giving him chills down his spine. Shu-hui never felt as complete and as happy before, although it was her first time. She felt a slight pain, but when Cheng-han thrusted over and over, she couldn’t felt anything else but erotic pure pleasure. As he moved faster, her grip on him tightened, and they both reached climax leaving them exhausted but happy.

They lied down on the sandy beach, the moonlight kissed their skin.

“I have something to tell you Cheng-han ,”

“What is it?”

“I’m a mermaid. I was washed ashore after drinking a potion that can give me feet. It’s the reason I was naked when you found me.”

“You’re kidding right?”

Shu-hui looked him in the eyes. “I told you this because I feel like I can trust you. I didn’t want to go to the police because I fear I might end up the same way as my friend Coral.”

“So it’s true then, that there’s a mermaid in one of the bars in Kenting town. I heard they already buried her, she died after 3 days on land.”

“Poor Coral!” Shu-hui cried. She sobbed and mourned for the loss of her dearest friend.

“Why do humans hate us?”

“I’m sorry Shu-hui. You know people tends to be afraid of things that they do not understand. They took Coral because they’re probably scared of her, traders wanted to buy her for some sort of entertainment, and did not know how to keep her healthy. But not all people are like that, you know. There are some that can also be trusted.” Cheng-han hugged Shu-hui for comfort. “Come on, let’s go back inside.”

Cheng-han fixed some hot coffee for Shu-hui to calm her down.

“I was never cared for like this in my life you know. Thank you for taking care of me.”

He gently kissed her on the forehead. “I love you Shu-hui, I will not do anything to hurt you. You can trust me on that. I’ll just go change okay.”

Cheng-han stood up and went to the room. Right after he took his pants and undergarments off, knelt down and sucked his manhood. “I didn’t hear you come in, I—“ he trailed off as he felt like floating on air while she played with his tip, and gently sucked it.

“I love you too Cheng-han. I want to be with you forever.” And she continued to suck his now erected manhood. “I can’t get enough of you. I want you inside me again.” She made him lie down on the bed, and undressed herself. She pulled her head up and down, up and down. With excitement, Cheng-han let out a moan, and grabbed Shu-hui’s hair gently, so he can see her. She looked at him while she sucked and smiled. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Yeah. Go on please…” he begged, and Shu-hui continued to pleasure him. When he could not take it any longer, he grabbed Shu-hui and made her lay back on her back, and went inside her again over and over. When they finished, they laughed.

“That was the best feeling I had. I’m really happy when I am with you Cheng-han.”

“Me too.” He said. “Let’s get some sleep okay? You drained the energy out of me totally.” She smiled and kissed him. “Okay.”

Shu-hui woke up the next day feeling energized and happy, with Cheng-han lying by her side, naked. She placed a blanket on him to cover half his body, as he shifted. She kissed him on the forehead, and went to the market to buy food. It was already afternoon when she woke up, and she decided to make a nice dinner for him. When she finished shopping for food, she walked past some club house and men outside the clubs drinking.

“Hey miss, would you like a shot?”

She did not dare look. She walked faster and faster. Some of them got up, and followed her. Shu-hui is now half running, half walking. She didn’t want those men to come near her.

She finally reached their fishing village and went to the big rocks with caves to hide. People who are not familiar with the place won’t dare go in in fear of snakes and other venomous animals. Shu-hui tried to hide in one of the caves, but slipped and hit her head on the rocks. The waves crashed on the big rocks outside the caves. It was almost night time, and a faint light from the sun is the only thing you see on the horizon. “It’s getting colder; I better get to town fast.” She went down from the cave and stepped on the slippery rocks with her bare feet. She had to hide for hours just so those drunken men cannot get to her.

She immediately ran to Cheng-han’s where she found him on the porch waiting for her. She told him everything that happened, but told Cheng-han to not come after them anymore. “The sea will take care of them” she said.

The following morning, three men were found dead on the shore, bitten by sea snakes.

“You are one mysterious lady, Shu-hui.” Cheng-han said.

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