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The Dirty Review

You will find so many websites on the internet today designed to prey upon others like the exposing site The Dirty Review. Some of them are extremely ruthless.

The majority of them are meant for blackmail and others to phish information. The Dirty is one of the most popular gossip sites and has been around for so long.

In this article, we will discuss all about, what the site entails and how it works.

  • What is (or was?) The Dirty?

This site was basically designed to expose individuals who have somehow wronged the people exposing them.

It involves the publication of pictures, writing, cartoons, or any other medium that could help ridicule, induce ill opinion, shame or disgrace a person.

In most cases, the victim parades themselves as clean and faultless but in reality, they are secretly dirty. The Dirty allows members to post any gossip regardless of whether the situation is true or false.

  • How it works

By simply visiting the site, anyone can easily submit gossip to someone. Alternatively, you can send the gossip via email.

As soon as the gossip or tips are submitted, the information is published in the respective region where the victim is located.

Moreover, the publisher will use all types of ruthless words to make the tips appear more interesting to the readers. The goal here is to make sure the victim s reputation is damaged completely.


  • Where did the dirty go?

If you have recently tried to search for a certain post on google, you might have noticed the post doesn’t show up. This could be a result of deindexing.

Normally, when you look up something on the internet, the keyword search goes to Google’s index. This way, Google can reveal the most relevant content as per the rankings.

Any site that promotes illegal and malicious actions is however removed for the safety of the users. Nevertheless, those who visit the website directly  still get to view and make updates to the site.

  • Should you get a post removed from the site?

Yes you should and here are some of the reasons why;

People can still manually check The Dirty

Although you might not have direct access to the posts when you search them on Google, the site is still there. This means people can still visit the site and check the posts.

The site still works even though it’s no longer available on Google’s search results. You must be wondering why you should care about what others are saying about you on search sites.

Well, regardless of whether the information is true or forceful, it may damage your self-esteem or worse your career. This is why we recommend removing the posts instead. Read some insights here


  • Other search engines still show The Dirty in their results

Unfortunately, The Dirty still appears on other search engines like Yahoo, Microsoft’s Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Although Google holds almost 92% of the market search, about 8 % of the world’s population still have access to The Dirty. Practically, that’s a very huge number of people.

  • The Dirty could come back

As mentioned, Google tends to remove any sites that spread malicious information. This means the site can come back if a few changes are made. Plus, as long as the site is still active, the chances of coming back are high.

The founder may also consider rebranding the site and giving it a new name, therefore, making it easier for the site to bounce back. Alternatively, the spammers may decide to simply change the URL of the site.


  • Other sites scrape content from The Dirty.

Usually, there is a wide host of other gossip sites that copy and paste posts from The Dirty. This tends to spread the rumors even further which is why you need to have the post removed. Click here to read more.


Without a doubt, gossip sites are quite entertaining especially for those who love gossip. Well, their main mission is to shame and unmask scammers by exposing individuals’ secrets. The Dirt, for instance, allows people to submit rants about those who have wronged them along with names and pictures. For obvious reasons, most people tend to believe any story about a person regardless of whether it is true or false. To be on the safe side, make sure any post about you is removed from such a site.

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