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Taiwan Escorts In Taipei

The Taiwan Escort In Taipei

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, so you can expect many activities going on in the city. Most visitors do not expect the commercial sex industry in the city. You will not see women dressed half-naked which does not give you a hint of what goes down in the city. There is a large number of escorts in Taipei both for local and international visitors. There are many ways to get escorts in Taipei. The escorts will offer their services in hotel rooms or at the comfort of your home. There are two main areas where the sexual activities take place, in Linsen and Old Monga Red light district.

Linsen red light area is conveniently located around Taipei station. In this area, many erotic massage parlors and lounge have pretty escorts. It is quite hard to find Taiwanese escorts. Unbelievably, most of these girls are from China and Vietnam.

The escorts attract their customers by promising interesting discounts and after rendering the services, the clients may end up paying much more than the promised price or get threats if they fail to pay. If you do not practice prudence, getting involved with escorts can land you in a lot of trouble.

About escorts in Taipei

Women from Taiwan are very decent. They dress well in a classy way and are very shy especially on the first meetings. The women will open up after meeting for a few drinks, have some fun and you might end up getting a one-night stand. Most of these women will go out for clubbing as a way for hooking up with strangers. Most of the women there are not very good looking which is mainly caused by drug addiction and substance abuse. The women however, have good shapes and nice body structures. The most recommended day to get pretty women is during the lady’s night on Wednesdays.

Where do you find escorts in Taipei?

1. TaiwanURL Online

If you are planning to visit Taipei, you can book your escort before getting on the plane. They are the best match for people who love no strings attached. Online booking is one of the easiest ways to get an escort. You will make arrangements of how and when to meet and talk about any other staff you want.

You need to write a good hook up that will attract the escort to replying to you. You need to introduce yourself to give the escort an insight of what to expect after meeting you. A proper introduction will make her feel as if you have met before therefore will be very comfortable. Let her know when you are coming, where you will be going and how long you will be spending in Taipei. This will help he plan her schedule so that at least your time and hers does not collide.

Finally, let the escort know what you expect from her. Not all escorts want the same things. Talking about your expectations and she will let you know if she is ready or not.

2. Visit an erotic massage parlor

In Taipei, there are many erotic massage parlors. They put the name spa but when you visit, there are more services. The parlors are mostly placed in front of a brothel. There will b rooms full of girls and you can choose who interests you the most. The women may allow you to touch them while other do not. Here are the most popular erotic spas in Taipei


The shop looks attractive and is highly maintained. There are two types of massage offered namely, traditional oil and oil massage. You do not communicate due to language barrier or use Google translator. Thee spa only offers hand jobs to their customers.


The sauna is meant for men only. It has hidden pathways that take you to rooms where you can get sex and massage. It has other services such as steam rooms and bath that you can use.


The sauna is popularly known as Private X. It offers massage and sex in private rooms. You can also choose to go for steam room and baths.

3. Visit a bar with hostess

Some bars and nightclubs have realized a new way of attracting more male customers. They hire women who can offer what men want. You can get girls that are naked or topless walking around. Sex is not a promised thing but it will depend with the girl you meet. The most famous bars with hostesses are Golden Jaguar and High Pie.

You can book a VIP space where you get girls you want and have a private session. The prices will be a bit hire to gain the experience.

4. Street walkers

In Taipei, you might not find many women walking round the streets looking for customers. They are used to staying in clubs and spas waiting for customers. Those that walk in the street looking for customers are old and unattractive so they have to go for extra miles to get customers.

5. Strip clubs

In most motel parties, you get hired strippers. The stripper can offer dance and later play escort duties after work. Most of the strippers are high end therefore; you need to be prepared financially. You can visit several strip clubs in Taipei and find some escorts.

Here are some tips when you book your escort online or through agencies.

• Get the contact of the girl after booking which will enable you communicate once you arrive in Taipei.

• Negotiate and agree on the prices. Ensure that you pay for what you agreed for. Some escorts may try to charge extra while other clients receive services and fail to pay.

• Protection is key. Ensure that you have a condom to prevent you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

• Due to language barrier use a hone translator. It will ensure that there is a smooth communication between you.

• Request the escort for some photos. The photos most girls post on their profile are fake. You might end up getting disappointed.

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