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Seduction Along The Shores of Gulangya, Xiamen

The beach-sides of Xiamen were one of Lu’s favorite places to relax. Situated beside the Taiwan Strait and formerly known as Amoy Xiamen City has a population of over 3 and a half million people packed into only 650 or so square miles. Lu enjoyed the moments when he could have some time away from living in such a crowded place. Xiamen harbor is considered to be one of if not the best natural harbor in the world being Yundang Bay – it was also voted China’s most romantic city in 2011. Overlooking and protecting the city is the massive statue of Koxinga.


Walking along the banks of the shore of the tree lined beaches of Gulangyu. Lu appreciated the natural beauty around him, of nature, sea, animals and sand.  He felt the warmth of the sun radiating off his bared chest and body. It was a warm sunny afternoon, a lazy day for him as he had gotten away from work earlier in the day and felt like he needed a break from everything and everyone. He came across a secluded spot lay down on the cool grass beneath the tree’s and through the gaps in the leaves he could watch the sky and listen to the sound of gentle waves.

For some reason he felt a stirring in his carnal nature. As Lu began to go into somewhat of a trance, he moved his hand down his body and into his pants. Before he knew it, he was moving his hand up and down on his large cock. He stroked it and thought up an image of him fucking a girl and began to throb. He moved his hand faster as his legs quaked with pleasure. He thought of how his penis would feel inside a warm, hot, and tight pussy and before long he climaxed not realizing he had an audience.

Lin had been watching him almost for the entire time he had been stroking his big hard cock. When she realized he had come to his senses she had to pull her gaze away from his manhood. She was 5 foot 1 inch tall with delicate, soft facial features and dark, coal-black hair that rested on her shoulders and almost half-way down her small frame. She had surprisingly large C cup breasts which were perfectly oriented and supple. She was very shy about the fact that her nipples were hard and poking through her shirt due to the fact she was highly aroused but was also highly astonished with what she had been watching. She thought he was very attractive, with his strong arm muscles and physique in general. She had been watching him and hadn’t even known what his eyes looked like as they had been closed the whole time he was wrapped up in pleasuring himself.

When Lu saw Lin staring at him in astonishment, he quickly rose to his feet, forgetting to put his still slightly erect penis back into his pants.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry,” he apologized before realizing she was still staring intently at his cock, her eyes continuing to widen. He looked down and realized he was still exposed and for some reason the look on his face made Lin burst out in a giggle.

“What are you laughing about? I mean, you are impressed right?” He asked her in a joking way, trying to hide his pure embarrassment.

“Smooth,” she rolled her eyes at his attempt of arrogant humor.

“I mean I suppose so, you are rather.. large.. compared to the only other time I have seen a.. well,” her eyes glanced back at his pants.

“Wait, you’ve only seen one dick other than mine? Don’t tell me you wear a chastity belt, I may or may not cry.” She laughed awkwardly when he mentioned a chastity belt and raised her eyebrow slightly,

“What do you think I am a prude? I’ll have you know I lost my chastity belt last year.” He laughed more than he thought he should have and stuck out his hand to shake hers trying to introduce himself properly but she scoffed at him,

“You think I’d shake that hand after what you did with it?”

Without thinking, she took his hand that he had jerked off with and brought it up to her mouth gently taking each of his fingers and sucked on each of them very slowly.

“I can put that hand to much better use,” she said.

Immediately just the erotic idea what she had just done made Lu instantly rock hard, he even let out a soft moan before biting his lip to silence himself.  This was going to be an erotic Taiwan story that he was always going to remember.

“Oh yeah? Do it,” he replied already throbbing in his pants wanting with everything in him to take this gorgeous girl and fuck her right where he stood. He craved her skin and wanted to explore every last bit of it with his tongue. His mouth watered at the thought of tasting her tight, wet hole and his demeanor instantly changed. He was going to fuck her, right here on the shore where anyone and everyone could see.

Without much of a warning, she grabbed his crotch and stroked it through his pants. “She is just full of surprises,” he thought, having problems comprehending the fact that he was having his cock stroked by this girl he met not more than a few minutes ago, but followed suit and slid his hand up her inner thighs and then slipped his hand into her shorts. He traced her pussy lips through her panties realizing just how wet she was and he bit his lip.

At the same time that he was starting to play with her, she slid her hand down his pants and into his boxers, holding his hard dick in her hand for the first time and realized just how big he was. He wasn’t just “big” he was thick too and for a moment she thought he might be too big to fit inside her tight pussy.

“You aren’t going to break me right? I said that I had seen one, I never said I had had one,” she said almost nervously.

He even blushed when she said this and whispered in her ear,

“I might possibly break you but don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it, “ he laughed and she ended up laughing too.

“You’re a smart-ass, do you know that?”

For some reason, the joke had made her more comfortable with what she was doing and calmed her anxiety. She pulled his pants down and was greeted by his massive bulge in his boxers and smirked as she started kissing down his abdomen.

He looked at her with pure lust, moaning in anticipation as she pulled his boxers down and wrapped her hand around his once-again exposed cock. She licked the tip, swirling her tongue against the tip and licked at his pre-cum. She moaned and took him in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down his shaft as her long hair got in her face. He brushed his fingers through her hair as she sucked him off, holding her hair back out of her face as he enjoyed the feeling and sound of her sucking his cock. He had never felt the feeling that she gave him with anyone else he had ever had sex with. The whole time, her eyes stayed fixed on his filled with the same intensity of lust that was in his eyes. His gaze was captivating and she was almost entranced by the depth of blue in his eyes.

He pulled his cock out of her perfect mouth and gently slapped her lips with it, the lust taking over his entire being and he laid her on the ground. It was time to explore.

He tugged off his shirt and threw it in the grass beside them and started to slide his hands up her shirt and runs his fingers over her heated skin, moving his hands higher to cup her breasts in his hands. He started to trace her erect nipples with his fingers, teasing her as she moaned softly, pulling him down so she could kiss his perfect lips. She was already ready to fuck him, to let him take her virginity. She was wrapped up in him completely as he toyed with her nipples, sending waves of pleasure that radiated down to her pussy.

He slid her shirt off and kissed along her jaw and down her neck, licking and biting at her most sensitive spots. She tugged his hair and started to beg,


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“I want to feel your mouth on me, I want to feel your tongue inside of me. I want you to make me beg for it.”

He knew what he needed to do. He started kissing lower onto her breasts and sucked on her nipples, swirling his tongue in a circular motion to tease her nipples.

She begged more this time, pleading with him. She needed him in ways she had never needed anyone before as he made his way down her body slowly, taking the time to tease her even more until she couldn’t wait anymore. She pushed his shoulder down and looked him in the eyes.

He kissed up her inner thighs, spreading her legs and exposing her pink wet slit as he spread her open licking all the way up her slit to her clit. He flicked her clit and slowly slipped his finger into her virgin pussy and instantly was amazed by just how tight she was. Of course, the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her, but she tugged his hair in approval, forcing his hot mouth down harder against her.

Her legs spread wide now, he sucked on her clit and moved his head from side to side and pleasure radiated down her entire being. She hooked her legs over his shoulders as he started to toy with her wet hole, still fingering her, but this time harder with quick, deliberate motion. She started to feel close as he flicked his tongue in and out of her aroused love-hole, going faster and faster and suddenly her body quaked in pure pleasure and she released. She climaxed so hard that her eyes rolled back in her head and her toes curled as she screamed in ecstasy. He kept licking her as she rode out her climax and then started to kiss up her body until his lips were back brushing against her nipples, he knew she was ready. She had been ready the second she saw him stroking his cock and remembered that they were about to fuck out in the open for anyone to see but she didn’t care, not at all. She wanted to feel his hard cock ravage her virgin pussy. She looked at him and he knew.

He took his cock in his right hand and rubbed the tip of it up and down her soaking wet slit and moaned,

“Don’t be a tease.”

He smirked and kissed her lips before sliding the tip in and out of her hole several times wondering if he would fit inside of her.

“Please, I’m yours. Do with me as you will,” she said in a needy, rough voice. Panting still from the intensity of her climax.

He started to slide his cock deep inside of her going slow and with a thrust, her virginity was no more.

She whined in pain at first, but as he started to thrust in a steady rhythm she started to feel the pain turn into pleasure. She wrapped her arms around him as he thrust, each thrust going deeper and harder than before.

“I love how you feel inside of me Lu, God! Fuck me, Lu please fuck me!” She moaned into a scream as complete bliss overtook her senses. Her toes curled once again and he brought her knees so he could fit as much of him as was possible inside of her, feeling her pussy throb and tighten with each thrust.

“Fuck, you are so tight,” he moaned against her neck as he kissed her heated skin, feeling her legs started to shake. They both moaned and screamed in unison and breaths came shallow and rough with passion.

She got closer and closer with every thrust, every movement and he started to tremble as well. They were close to release now, climax would come at any moment and he looked into her eyes and whispered,

“can I cum inside of you?”

She looked up into his eyes with no reservation and replied,

“fill me up with your hot cum Lu, make me cum on your dick, I can’t wait any longer!”

With those words, Lu started to ejaculate, shooting his hot sperm deep inside of her as he thrust as deep as he could into her, filling her hot deflowered cunt completely until his cum dripped out of her and he felt her orgasm on his dick when he started to cum but kept thrusting until they rode out each other’s climax and laid out, completely spent. Tired and still breathless Lu looked down at Lin’s face and thought the same thing as he had when they first began, “this girl is full of surprises,” and they smiled at each other before noticing they were being watched.

Lu would never have dared dream that on his quest to find privacy and solace that afternoon he would be a party to the ultimate Seduction Along The Shores of Gulangya, Xiamen.

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