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The Kavalan Whisky Affair!

Sammy had never seriously pondered on the meaning of love before. Having witnessed many of her friends being in love she believed that when the heart is involved, everything that comes out of one’s mouth is moronic. Her best friend, Ian was droning on and on about his new love, Freddy but she wasn’t listening.   She had a project that she needed to work on.  But first she needed to research on this new country Taiwan. Sammy had never been outside the state of Georgia but her boss had said that she had to meet Mr. Richard Blocke in Taiwan, China.

Richard Blocke was an ex-pat living in Tapei who had carved a career out of creating the manufacture of Kavalan whisky in Taiwan.   Many people laughed at his decision to take on this monumental project on in 2005 but no-one was laughing anymore after they released their first batch in 2008 in the market.  With the warmer temperatures the distilling process only takes three years instead of seven or more and even with the greater loss of the ‘angels share’ by 2012 the Kavalan distillery was awarded the best new whisky in the world award and by 2015 was recognized as one of the best whiskys in the world winning multiple awards each year.  This had made Richard not only a very respected and influential man in Taiwan but also one of affluence.


Finest Whisky
Kavalan Distillery

“But I have never been to China,” she tried to explain. She had to start packing in two days.

“Well I guess Taiwan, here I come,”

she thought to herself as she scanned the internet for places to stay.

She had totally avoided the conversation of love because she was actually starting to fall for the potential client, Richard whom she was now to meet in person. She had refused to let anyone, including her boss, know about their wild late night online flirting. She had been deeply engrossed in his life outside of work and she always looked forward to open and read his e-mails and texts. Having never met him all she had was a mental image. His Facebook profile showed the photo of a somewhere around forty year old with rich blonde hair and a firm built body. His dorky smile sent her into a dazed world of stomach churning, gut rattling, palms sweating and head throbbing feelings that her friends had described as love.   She wanted to meet him but also knew that it was a terrible idea to mix her work with affairs of the heart. This affair could spell the end of her thus successful twelve year job at Earnest and Fierce Co-op purveyors of fine whisky’s.

As Ian described his lover’s tender embrace, Sammy contemplated the events of her last few months. She had been having recurring dreams about Richard. She imagined feeling the tenderness of his lips swiftly moving up from her belly to her breasts. She woke up with her heart racing each time and her palms sweating. The longing she felt was like never before. She just couldn’t get herself to call him in the middle of the night and restricted their dalliances to emails, chat and texts. She did not want to appear desperate by calling him and making the first move and he seemed happy with the cyberspace affair.  But things had just gotten real!   Was this going to be a taiwan erotic adventure?

She had fallen deeply for a stranger and now she was about to finally
meet Prince Charming on a business trip to Taiwan. She casually smiled to herself at the thought that love may exist after all.

“Come on, help me pack some lingerie,”

she motioned to Ian.  It felt great to have a gay friend that she could confide in.

He gave her a wistful look and asked, “Are you sure you are traveling to Taiwan for business?”  He held up a soft purple lacy thong and giggled. She grabbed it in embarrassment and shoved it in her suitcase.

The trip to Taiwan seemed longer than what it actually was, mostly due to the baby crying loudly by on the other side of her aisle. She kept shoving angry glances at his mother who totally ignored her.  She tried to drift off to sleep but was again woken up by a sexy dream about Richard reaching up her blouse and fondling her left breast to a climax.  She awoke startle as they began their descent into Taoyuan Airport  landing at 4pm.  She entered the ladies rest-room to freshen up thinking that her first meeting with Richard was scheduled at 8pm at the Mandarin Oriental where she was staying.  Not too long to make herself look beautiful she thought as she looked at her image in the mirror.

Sammy was wearing a white suit pant that accentuated her straight dark hair.  She was tall, even for a westerner at 5 feet 11 inches with legs that were often described as endless.  Having been a sprinter in her college years she was toned with no excesses of body fat on her body.  Being the offspring of an Irish father and African American mother her skin color was a light chocolate but what made her stand out from everyone else were her piercing sky blue eyes.  The blue of a sunny hot day they often seemed to glow and many people would stare in awe.

Clearing customs did not take as long as expected but her bags arriving on the baggage carousel appeared to take forever.  She exited the departure door at 5pm and was relieved to see that the driver the company had hired was still there holding up her name on a placard.

She walked over to and towering over the driver who was dressed in black suit and white shirt and said, ‘Hi, I am Samantha Livingstone’.

He said,  “Ah, yes Miss Samantha.  You come with me.  So, sorry I think maybe you miss your flight.”

She said, as she followed him to the limousine waiting area ‘Sorry, my baggage was delayed.”

The driver opened the door for her as she sat inside and then placed her bags in the trunk.  The limo drove off and she settled in the back seat taking in all the new sights and sounds.  This visit promised to be a lavish and cultural experience, and it served to take her mind away from her lustful thoughts and time seemed to slip into a cocoon. A heavy downpour started and traffic slowed to a stand-still as she continued to stare out the window.


Even in the rain the streets were full of many people and she thought all speaking in a strange language to her.  She felt a bit overwhelmed as they pulled up at the Mandarin Oriental.  She purposely walked to reception as her driver took her bags to the porter and checked in.  She was pleasantly surprised to find that her room had been upgraded to a suite.  The porter took her to her room and she was amazed at how lavish it was.

Having read up on Hotels in Taipei many Westerners booking into what locals considered to be luxury hotels were surprised to find out how small and dinghy they may be. But this was luxurious and large even compared to western standards.  As she tipped the porter for carrying her bags she noticed a bottle of red wine standing uncorked on the hallway table with a card on it.  She picked up the card and it read ,

“Welcome to Taiwan Sammy.  Have a drink on me to settle down. I look forward to discussing business with you and to finally meet my cyber love.’

That was very thoughtful of him she contemplated as the butterflies began fluttering in her stomach.  She picked up the bottle and without even looking at the brand could tell it was premium and she gladly  poured herself a tall glass as she sat on the lounge. The room was hot so she turned the air conditioning up and put her feet up on the table. She took a sip……


She awoke with a start as she picked up the phone, “Hello, Yes?”

A female operator said, “Miss Livingstone,  Mr. Richard is waiting for you.”

She looked at her watch.  It was 8.05pm.  She must have dozed off.  “Please tell Mr. Richard that I am so sorry.  I must have dozed off.  I will meet him in the Jade Lounge at 8.30pm.  We had made reservations to eat there.  Again please tell him I am so sorry I will be down as quick as I can.”

As she hung up the phone she was stripping off her pant suit as she was racing to the shower.  By the time she reached the bathroom door she had undone her bra revealing firm 34B breasts with a perky chocolate nipples.  She half hopped out of those pants revealing a firm taught buttocks with silky smooth skin.  And withing 60 seconds of receiving the phone call she was having a refreshing but very hot shower.

As she washed she paid special attention to clean between her legs and the thought of Richard sitting downstairs waiting for her whilst she was lathering the erogenous zones between those luscious legs sent shivers down her spine and warmth in her pussy. Sammy was nervous. She could feel her hands trembling as the warm water trickled down her spine.  Washing her hair she ran her left hand down her belly onto her soft lips. Teasing them apart, she let the water trickle down to her thighs. Slowly arousing her every sense.  Thoughts of Richard were driving her wild. Her index finger slowly reached between her thighs and her mind went blurry with pleasure. She could feel her imaginary lover grabbing her waist and pulling her towards his rock hard body. Quickly she dismissed those feelings, otherwise her intended 3 minute shower could turn into a 15 minute play.

She got out of the shower in 5 minutes dripping, grabbing her towel as she ran to her bags to get her toiletries and clothes.   She carefully picked out her clothes and placed them on the bed and returned to the bathroom where she brushed her teeth, used her toiletries and applied lipstick.  Sammy looked at the image of herself standing naked in front of the mirror and she could not help but like what she saw.  She had a Brazilian prior to leaving the United stats and her pubic region was as hairless and naked as the day she was born.   The lips of her labia could be seen wedged between those athletic legs. She wore basic makeup and very rarely foundation as her skin was clear and blemish free.  She quickly applied her perfume and returned to her bed.

She had selected her lucky purple G-String Ian had joked about.  A black dress with a body-con design and V-Neck with black 2″ shoes that she knew she could get away as Richard’s facebook profile said he was 6 foot 4 inches.   She went to the bathroom to check everything was in place, it all was so she took her room swipe-card and was leaving the room just shy of 15 minutes of receiving the call.

Samantha Sexy Dress


As she got to the foyer she thought to herself , “I can’t do this. I think I may need to cancel!”  But the fear of her desire couldn’t let her make such a decision as she walked on and entered the Jade lounge at 8.29pm.

It seemed like a vacuum had sucked out all the noise in the restaurant.  Almost everyone had stopped eating or had glasses held in slow motion and were all looking at Sammy.  About 80% of the clientele, mostly men appeared to be Chinese doing business dinners that were all staring at her.

“Hi There Sammy, It is your tallness and beauty that they are all staring at.  I’m Richard.”  He said as he slowly put his arm around her waist and led her to the bar.

As they both at the bar she noticed he was wearing a loose white silk shirt.
grey khaki pants and black shoes. He had the confident look of a person who was sure of himself and the effect he had on people. He also seemed like the person whose attitude and mood affected everyone else’s within a hundred meter radius. He had big brown eyes and his lips were folded into a cute, little smile.

“Can I get you something” he said – gesturing towards the drink area of the bar.

She said, “I’ll have what you are having.”

“Good Choice,” he said as he motioned to the barman pointing at his drink and then one finger.  The barman nodded that he understood.

Sammy felt an intense heat rush through her as she smelt the sexy musk perfume that emanated from his neck.

Richard felt his heart flutter as he took in the image of Sammy and smelt her hair and saw the fullness of her breasts and those perky nipples that could be seen through the fabric from her dress.

As Sammy was handed a Kavalan whisky neat they decided chatted about the
weather and the culture of Taiwan – general chit-chat that allows two people that know of each other but have never met to become comfortable and acquainted.   As they sat down for dinner Richard decided to indulge his senses and order the local cuisine; however, Sammy wanted to play it safe and ordered a Caesar chicken salad. She was impressed at his vast knowledge of Mandarin and the Taiwan culture.

Sammy was intrigued and kept asking questions about the country and why he had come to the decision to relocate there permanently.  They chatted freely and comfortably and Richard ordered his third glass of whisky and laughed at Sammy’s inquisitive nature. Eventually the chatting of course took a turn for the more risque. Take two strong- willed personalities with a crazy desire for power, and physical as well as emotional strengths, and allow them to engage in hours of talking and sharing it was inevitable it would lead to flirting.

It was now 11pm and by Sammy’s calculations she had been awake now for over 30 hours, not including the nano-nap she had in her room and she said,  “I think I am going to have to call it a night now to get some rest”.  As she finished here second Whisky. God, that whisky was good stuff.

Richard was a perfect gentleman. He suggested that he should walk her to her room since it was so close to the restaurant. She let him. As she got up from her seat, Richard reached out and pulled the chair out – very gentlemanly and she became unsteady on her feet and he grabbed her by the waist waist to make sure she did not fall. His firm but tender grip made her heart start pacing and her cheeks were obviously flushed.

“I am not sure whether it’s the whisky or just the fact that it’s my first night
in a strange town and I have not had any sleep.  Do you mind if you come up with me and we chat a bit?” Sammy asked as she lazily stroked his arm.

They went up to her room and Richard sat at the couch by the patio and thought of the nights when he literally couldn’t sleep because of the chats that he had with his former wife – they were so intense and to calm down he had to grab a glass of water.

Sammy said, ‘What’s wrong?’

Richard reached in and placed his arm around her shoulder as they sat out on the balcony watching the stars. “Impressive, how we had such a connection despite never meeting. Honestly, I thought about you every single day. I would look forward to  logging in and when I saw the word ‘offline’ on your profile, my whole outlook would be to be forlorn and realize that I have dissatisfaction with life. Emptiness only a loved one could bring. I felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart.”

Sammy drew closer and looked into his eyes and recognized the faint look of a deep longing. A craving for love. “What do you think of love?” she asked him.


View From The Balcony

He stared into the street below and spoke with certainty, “Sammy, I have been in love before. I cannot lie. It was a wonderful feeling at first but it turned
sour. So I had to find closure.”

“How did you find closure?” she asked softly.

“The pain taught me a lesson. I’m not ready to experience that again. The pain
is draining so I had to walk away from the love of my life. Closure is something scary. We may think we want it but we do not. We may seek it and never find it. It is really hard. The end is harsh. However the end is simply the beginning of something new. I feel like I found my closure and I’m happy. And so is my ex-wife. That’s all that matters for now.”

Sammy was taken aback by the pain in his voice. She looked up at him and felt the need to hold him close and protect him from the world. She ran her hand over his as she stared at the direction of the Tamsui River. A gust of wind was blowing towards them through the now open balcony door.  The noises of the busy city could be hear and her nipples were rock hard. She did not realize it at the moment but Richard suddenly did.

He pulled her towards him and cupped her face and said, “I am alright now, darling.”

She stared at his moist lips and realized there was no escaping how she felt. Richard pulled her closer and slowly planted a nervous kiss on her lips. She reciprocated and pressed closer. Their hearts speedily beating with anticipation. Richard picked her up gently and slowly grazed her neck with his lips.

“Take me,” Sammy whispered.

Richard was as strong as an ox. He swept her off her feet effortlessly and took her into the bedroom. He laid her gently on her bed and slowly pulled of her khaki pants. Her thighs were getting weaker as he planted firm kisses on them and made his way to her neck. She sat up and quickly pulled of her blouse nearly tearing it. Richard took off his shirt and came closer and kissed her deeply.

His right hand cupped her right breast and he whispered in appreciation. “Sammy you are an exceptionally beautiful woman.”

Soon enough he was on top of her, sucking on her left nipple as she excitedly pulled down her pink lace thong. Richard slid down and covered her wet lips with his tongue. Pangs of pleasure were felt deep within Sammy and she let out a deep moan. Richard looked up at her.

She blushed and said, “Sorry, you should know I am a screamer.”

Richard pulled down his pants and whispered, “That is incredibly sexy.” Shortly enough Sammy felt his hard body grind gently into her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked deeply into his eyes. She had never felt this way before. Her whole body was on fire. She felt every thrust and reciprocated in gusto.

“I love you, “Sammy had not intended for the words to slip out.

Richard smiled at her and softly said, “I love you, Sammy. More than you can imagine.”

She smiled back and kissed him as he went deeper into her senses. Lost in his embrace, she closed her eyes and slowly felt the closeness. The thick musk of love and surrender. She had finally found her love in a strange world.

The next morning she was woken up by the sun rays on her face. There was a beautiful sweet smell of roses and strange oriental scents. She turned over and Richard was watching her sleep.

“Nĭh’o” he said as he kissed her forehead. ‘You are my ultimate taiwan erotic story.

She giggled like a young girl or an old lady who had recovered her youth and drifted off happily back to a sweet slumber. The project would have to wait just one more day.  But regardless of the outcome she knew she was going to be okay!

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