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Discovering My Cliteriffic

Discovering My Cliteriffic: A Taiwanese Woman’s Tale of Orgasm Through Clitoral Masturbation

Being a Taiwan teenage girl, sex was not something that my parents really spoke to me about and the ever increasing sexual revolution in our Country is a source of explosive friction between parents and children.  Significant changes are happening in our schools and universities and our ‘liberation’ with sex toys and exploration are reflected in all parts of modern life including advertising, art and even shopping.

I was about seventeen years old when I first discovered that I could orgasm through clitoral masturbation. However, like most people, I didn’t give much thought to that discovery at the time and continued to masturbate in the typical fashion – by rubbing my vagina with my hand until I reached orgasm. It wasn’t until many years later that I began to pay closer attention to the area surrounding my clitoris and realized that it too could be used to achieve sexual pleasure.

Early Confusion

I knew from a young age that I loved and wanted sex, and was something like a masturbating nymphomaniac in my adolescence, but I rarely experienced orgasm. From early childhood until my teens, when we were taught about menstruation and orgasms at school, I never really understood what an orgasm was. When we got to masturbation in our Sex Ed class, it became clear that I could get myself off when alone and was in fact a master at it; it just didn’t feel all that good. It wasn’t until high school that I learned what an orgasm actually felt like. One day while masturbating with one of my cousins (she came home from college and had heard some things), she told me she wanted to try something different with me: mutual masturbation.

Finding Out Online

What is that thing? I was looking through sex toys when I saw a little button labeled Stimulator for Her. At first, I had no idea what it meant. What exactly was there to stimulate me? All I knew was that women were supposed to use their vaginas and not their clits during sex. But something about it looked intriguing, so I read on… There are two parts, an external stimulator that provides vibration against the clitoris, and an internal one inserted into the vagina. It’s like giving yourself a hug in the best possible way! They call this kind of toy the dual stimulator because it’s providing both external stimulation (to your clitoris) and internal stimulation (to your G-spot).

The Discovery

It was during my junior year in college that I first discovered that I could orgasm from clitoral masturbation. Up until then, I had always assumed that any kind of stimulation to my genitals was just leading up to a bigger goal and climax; I knew about vaginal orgasms and would use them as an end goal for when we had finally had sex with our boyfriends or during masturbation. But after spending some time trying on my own to stimulate myself through self administered penetrative sexual activity, I learned that it was easier to orgasm when stimulated by rubbing around (and occasionally touching) my clitoris with my hand. Even though these orgasms were great, they lacked the emotional release I got from stronger vaginal orgasms, so they didn’t really count in my mind as real orgasms.

First Time Clit Orgasms Are Real

Even though I was an avid masturbator from a young age, and had even become addicted to it, I believed that I could only orgasm when I finally was going to have intercourse. This belief made me ignore my clitoris for years, and believe that most female orgasms are vaginal rather than clitoral. This was until one day when I was 17 years old when a friend told me that she had discovered how good rubbing her clit felt after reading about it in HX magazine. At first, I wasn’t convinced – for many reasons – but she kept encouraging me to try it out. So one night after class at college…I did just that…and boy oh boy did it feel good!

Adventures in Solo-Play

I didn’t really know what it was at first, and for a long time, all I knew is that it felt good. I discovered shortly after my first experience that if I played with my clitoris while rubbing, it would feel even better. After a while, however, masturbating by myself got boring. So one day while showering (you know what they say about showers) I decided to try fingering myself- boy did that ever feel amazing! This led me to realize that there were other ways of touching yourself than just your hand or objects (though you can always use those tools as well).

Advanced Techniques To Try Out

Not only is self-stimulation fun, but it’s also an important way to figure out what turns you on and what doesn’t. While there are many techniques that you can use with your hands or a sex toy, there are also even more variations of clitoral stimulation once you get in touch with your body and become familiar with how it responds to different things. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Use your fingers, but also try objects like feathers, toothbrushes, or other sex toys that you might find stimulating. You may want to sit in the bathtub or shower so that water can provide a little bit of extra stimulation as well. When it comes to masturbation, explore what feels good and what doesn’t – after all, this is the pleasure we’re talking about here!

Tips For Beginners and Intermediates

It’s always a good idea to try new things, discover new techniques, and to expand your horizons in whatever way you can. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an intermediate, here are some tips for discovering that Cliteriffic feeling.

1) Get Comfortable – You need to be comfortable with yourself before you can explore anything about sex, including clitoral masturbation. Find a time when you have no distractions around and no stress in your life so that all of your focus is on yourself, not the rest of the world.

2) Explore With Yourself- Masturbate with the intention of exploring what feels good on your clitoris. Try touching it from different angles and with different pressures until you find what works best for you (some women prefer light touch while others prefer more pressure). Some women enjoy stimulating their labia minora (inner lips) at the same time as their clitoris but it may take some experimentation to figure out what is right for you.

3) Don’t Be Afraid To Use Sex Toys- Many people feel intimidated by using sex toys because they don’t know how to use them properly. Using a vibrator doesn’t have to be difficult if you use these easy steps:

* Pick the size and shape of toy that suits your needs.
* Lubricate it generously.
* Apply generous amounts of lubricant externally as well.
* Insert it slowly and gently into your vagina.

4) Put Your Phone Down- Remember, this is about self-exploration so we highly recommend that you put down any other distraction like your phone or TV so you can fully focus on what is happening at this moment.

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