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An Unexpected Night!

An unexpected night, I met with a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time and a stranger who for one night became something more… It all started out very innocently in Da’an. 


When he returned from his trip, a simple message was enough for us to meet, have dinner and catch up. It had easily been over a year since we had seen each other but no one would have said so. Laughter followed one another amidst comments and anecdotes. The chemistry was evident but the obligatory question, were we really just friends?  Hours went by like minutes until his phone rang. Some friends of his were in a nearby bar and invited him to join them. There were two of them, a girl and a boy, he knew them, I didn’t. But, well, I was so comfortable and having so much fun that, why not? So, we accepted.


At first it was all right, having drinks and talking about small things. But little by little the alcohol took effect and all the shame that could have been there faded away. While his friend and the other girl were debating intensely, a smile began to appear on their lips, as he carefully watched the other man who was accompanying them. He was black, short-haired, with dark eyes, not very muscular and tall. Very tall.  It seemed like a tennis match looking back and forth as arguments went by, while complicit laughter was exchanged with the man she had just met. Once outside the bar, he approached in an innocent manner and only made the laughter increase. 


Change of plan. Although it was late, the four of us needed some music and we ended up in a club called OMNI. It was funny because suddenly we were involved with much older people. Each one of them more unique than the last. We began to dance as their bodies allowed, this time without talking, just looking. But how much can eyes convey?  In what seemed like only a few minutes the need to go to the bathroom arose in the other girl who took me by the hand and dragged me to the toilet. Those four walls seem to have inspired us to become intimate. The drinks had done their trick and we started making confessions as if we were best friends for life. The complicity and laughter was evident and as our hands were drying, a single touch made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Our heads bowed, gradually eliminating the space between us.


My back bumped heavily against the wall of the bathroom as our lips and tongues intertwined. The curious hands began to explore each other’s bodies. Both hearts were beating strongly and from the mouth, the tongue gradually descended to the neck. I closed my eyes to focus on what was happening, on every movement, on every caress… I didn’t think, I just let myself go. Until I heard the door open and we both came back to reality. Shame flooded in, we pretended as if we could and went back to the guys. That seemed worthy of a meeting with a professional escort in Singapore for sure.


Shortly after, my friend had to leave back to Songshan. It was very late and people were waiting for him at home. We accompanied him to the door. While we were saying goodbye to him, an acquaintance of the other girl appeared and invited them to another place.  That was not the plan, but since he had already paid for them, we decided to go in. On the way there and once inside, we were casting furtive glances at each other as we relived the bathroom scene over and over in our heads. Both of us wanted to finish what we had started and had been interrupted.  But while she was dancing with the boy who had invited us, the other one took the opportunity to approach me. He had already caught my attention before, in the bar, but now, the space between us was smaller. I could even smell his perfume, intense. Little by little we danced and without realizing it we ended up glued together, face to face. The interest was mutual and I was still a little excited about my furtive encounter in the bathroom.


In the end, he jumped in and the kisses began. Again his hands, eager for desire, ran over my back and my ass. This time, no one was going to interrupt him. His hands, daring, slipped under my shirt. That was enough, the desire consumed me, but we wanted intimacy, after all we were in a place surrounded by more people.  Suddenly we noticed how two hands grabbed ours and dragged us both out of there, to the car. It was dark but we immediately guessed who it was. It was the other girl. Without thinking I smiled and kissed her with all the desire I had in store. Something unexpected but longed for. I did not know what street I was on or if someone was watching us but we did not care. We just wanted to enjoy the three of us.


Knees on the floor, pants around the ankles and an uncontrollable desire. An explosive mixture. As the other girl pulled up her skirt and took off her panties, the moaning was evident. They left not an inch of skin or body untouched or licked. They seemed perfectly coordinated as we experimented between the three of us. 


The car, a Toyota Corolla Altis obviously, glued to her back, felt neither cold nor uncomfortable as he pushed and penetrated her. Her mouth opened as her hands clung to his ass. She was not even surprised when she descended to lick the my clitoris. She knew exactly what moves to make, where to touch to drive me crazy with pleasure like an experienced escort from Sydney. Meanwhile, the man was taking care of her. 


At that precise moment the alarm clock rang, I had to go to work. But as I went to turn it off, I saw a few notifications from LINE and Whatsapp, an old friend who was back in town and wanted to see me. My mouth opened in surprise, my panties and wet sheets after the dream, I quickly answered to meet him as soon as possible. Honestly, I wanted to see how that dream continued, but this time, in reality. Who knows?


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