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In Her Jeans At Shillin Night Markets, Taipei!

People often ask me about my travels in Asia to Taipei, Taiwan. I have not been there for almost a decade and I love recounting all the stories I picked up in my time there. I loved the vibe, the people, the scenery… but there is one encounter that I have always kept to myself. Until now.

It was ten pm on a beautiful summer evening in Taipei when I met her. I had gone on holiday to Taiwan previously with my parents but I was too small to really remember anything. So when I turned nineteen I decided that I wanted to see Taipei again. I wanted to see all the local tourist attractions and I was most excited about Shillin Night Market. I had been putting off going there until the Friday as I knew it was going to be so exciting. I just didn’t have any idea how much.

The market only really starts getting busy around dark. I left the Les Suites Grandee Hotel at 7pm and arrived just as the market started filling up. I took some photos and uploaded it to Facebook. I enjoyed looking at every little thing they had to offer, picked up many items and tried to bargain with a couple of stall owners. It was everything that I expected and much more.

At about ten I looked through my Facebook again and that’s when I noticed her. She had long flowing hair and a tight denim with a dark pink top. Strappy shoes. I like when women wear sandals or strappy shoes, it’s the weirdest thing that turns me on. The thing was that she was in all of my photos, looking at me. Wanting me. My dark brown hair and green eyes have gotten me far in this country and I suspected that this girl just had a little crush on me because I was different and foreign. In every photo she was there. She stood out to me, with her pink lips and innocent face.

I have only had sex with my girlfriend back in America but she had to go to a college out of town and so we broke up. My heart was still a bit broken but hey! I was on holiday and I decided to get to know the Asian Mystery a little better. As I looked up from my phone, it was easy to spot her. The market was buzzing and loud but suddenly it was just her and me, our eyes locked.

I was startled when she held out her hand and said, ‘Ssu-ying! Nice to meet you!’

I said, ‘Great, and you?’

We started talking. Her English was almost perfect and I found out that she was a student at the Ming Chuan University.  Every so often she would subtly put her hair behind her ear and she constantly touched my arm. At one point, I took her hand.

Even I was surprised to hear myself ask her, ‘You want to get out of here with me?  Maybe get a bit to eat?’

I was sure she would leave me right there and kept an older brother to beat me up.

Instead she said, ‘Happy to get out of here with you but I think I have a far better plan than eating’.  With that she grabbed my hand and ran with me, not always avoiding innocent bystanders leaving some Chinese people obviously shouting expletives at us of which I had no understanding.

She took me to a secluded spot and asked me three questions while standing next to a wall. ‘Do you like fun?’


‘Do you like me?’


‘Do you want to have fun with me just for tonight?’

‘Ýes, yes, yes!’

In Her Jeans

She took my hand kissing my fingertips. Then she suddenly gripped my hand hard and put it between her legs. I have heard that women enjoy wearing jeans sometimes as the seam is hard and can be perfectly manipulated to stimulate the clit. I took over, unbuttoned the waist and shoved my hand inside her jeans. They were tight on but I managed to get my fingers down her panties and she was wet and moaned with either pleasure or anticipation, I’m not sure which. I fumbled for a while. She seemed to enjoy it, I can’t say for sure but touching her perfectly placed clit with my thumb and with two fingers inside her, turned me on like never before. I just wanted to give her pleasure, I would have counted myself lucky if I could have merely made her moan some more.

She was more experienced than what I was and she helped me with the rhythm. Until her hips started to move. I pushed her back against the wall and felt her tremble. Her whole body was responding to me and I had never felt such pleasure while pleasuring myself or my girlfriend. This was magic. I must have done a good job because after she held me tight for a couple of minutes, her orgasm gently giving way to waves of smiles and satisfaction.

She held the back of my head in her hands and said, ‘Now we can get away from here.’

I often think of how different things could have turned out had I gone another evening. Even if I had met Ssu-ying on a different evening, she might have had to go to university the next day and what happened next would never have taken place. She took me to her apartment. Luckily the University was close and she was staying just off site. Her place was immaculate but I didn’t have any time to admire the apartment as she took me to her bedroom with an almost violent manner. I loved the idea of a woman wanting me so much that she couldn’t help herself. She was so tiny, there was no way that she could have hurt my so I let go and enjoyed the games she was playing with me.

Her bed was a normal double, but that evening it felt like a king size. She stood in front of me, at the edge of the bed as I sat down totally naked.  I took in her Chinese Asian beauty, her hairless body, the long straight black hair and the dark brown eyes.  She only stood about 5’ 4” and her hips were narrow – more like a boys and her skin was pale and silky.  I started kissing her breasts. I hadn’t even noticed, but she wasn’t wearing a bra before. They perked up and the energy flowing from them to my lips were tangible. I bit her just slightly too hard to spark a reaction and I got the reaction I hoped for. I undressed and that’s when the teasing started.

Photo: Asian Woman In Lingerie

I should have known that someone with Ssu-ying’s experience would know just how to make me go mad. What Ssu-ying did to me, should be used as a torture method. This sexual technique slows sex down. She made me lie down naked and then touched herself with her left hand while gently tracing one finger all over my body, avoiding the places you’d want touched in a situation like this. I shook and my dick grew. You know how sometimes it’s a little bigger than normally? I don’t know if it was a young man’s hormones or something in the water, but I suspect the relentless teasing had something to do with the monster that was growing between my legs. She took note and started to trace a pattern from under my balls with her finger. Like a kiss from a butterfly, she almost didn’t touch my skin but the electricity was palpable and the energy in the room so sexual. When her finger reached the tip of my dick I lost control. I felt ashamed for the noises and moans that escaped my mouth. She seemed to enjoy the pain I was suffering.

She came again of course. I was starting to suspect that we wouldn’t have intercourse and I was already making up excuses in my head. I just needed to go to the bathroom for two minutes to relieve myself. I was a young man after all with needs! But she had timing. Boy, she had timing down to an art. I was still thinking about masturbating when she spread her legs revealing her pink wet womanhood and sat on top of me. She took over and gently rocked her hips, just a little bit too slow for me to orgasm. I was enjoying the view of her breasts, the feel of her soft skin on my hands and every now and then, she would lean down and just kiss me. During one of those kisses, I grabbed her hips and finished up inside of her. It was almost desperate, the way I held her tight. I wanted to feel every inch of her body and her inside. I wanted to touch her body and feel her skin and take in her beautiful shape with my eyes, I wanted to have her moan in my ears again. I didn’t just orgasm. I exploded. The grin on her face told me that this was her plan all along. She was a subtle dominatrix in a way.

I hugged her and we held each other for a moment. I thought that this was it, now back to the market or to my hotel or whatever. But Ssu-ying had only just started having fun with me. She was full of ideas and surprises and we had the whole weekend. She texted her flat-mate and asked her not to come home that evening, apparently they had an understanding.  Aw, the flatmate could have joined us – I wouldn’t have minded but I am glad she didn’t push me that far. I was experiencing so many different things for the first time and I think I would have been overwhelmed had another person joined us. She told me that making me orgasm was just the beginning. I wanted to know more about her and I wanted to explore her mind, but she had other plans. She had an attractive young American in her bed and she was going to enjoy me until she had her fill.

The next thing she did was so switch the lights on. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. Could I trust her? She opened her cupboard and took out a box. Pretty pink box that you would give a gift in. She took out a small golden vibrator and then gave me a lesson in female and male anatomy that they don’t teach you in school. Her right hand was always either on my dick or her clit. I lost count of how many times she pleasured herself. There was one more thing that I need to share with you. The last time we made love in her apartment that night.

Technically it was the next morning, the sun was too quick in ending our evening but Ssu-ying had one more trick up her sleeve and it was a big one. We were getting kind of tired and I thought for sure she was going to throw me out. She did the opposite. She clearly liked being on top but this time she touched herself, her breasts, then my chest, as she was moving on top of me she made herself orgasm. As she drew near, I felt her spasms inside. I reached for the golden vibrator on the night stand and placed it on top of her clit, forcing her hand away. It was time for me to take over a bit. Driving her mad. I kissed, sucked and bit her nipples. I licked her neck and kissed her just underneath her ears. We were mad with passion and I exploded the moment I felt her orgasming. I nearly blacked out, the pleasure was so intense that it was painful. Her body was a roller-coaster and her pleasure doubled with the little golden vibrator stimulating both her clit and my dick. I made sure to maximize the pleasure for both of us.

Did you know that some women cry when they orgasm?

Ssu-ying only cried that last time. I held her so close and started thinking that there was going to be trouble, maybe I hurt her? But she held on to me tightly and thanked me. I should have been the one thanking her. We exchanged numbers and email addresses but we don’t communicate. I didn’t invite her on my Facebook and right now I am happily dating a local real estate agent back in the USA. The sex is great, mostly because of what Ssu-ying taught me.

I will always think back to that holiday and smile when I get to tell people I went there. They will never know how much that holiday meant to me. The fact that my smile hides an erotic encounter turns me on every time. I revisit Ssu-ying often in my dreams and I hope that she still enjoys trapping young tourists and giving them a holiday to remember!

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