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Find a Collection of erotic stories from Taiwan a land of contradictions.   We have many more Taiwan Adult Stories but here is just a snippet of what you can read and enjoy.  Erotica From Taiwan is yours when you simply open up one of these fantastic original erotic stories.  Unique content is provided by our esteemed writers but should you wish to publish an original story of your own you can send it to us for inclusion.


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Find yourself immersed in the pleasures of the Orient and read the best erotic fiction of Asia.  Relax whilst you appreciate the beauties of Taiwanese women and men.  Should the stories get your turned on visit our escorts list and a beauty of your choice could be knocking at your door within minutes.


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The complete versions of these free Taiwan Naughty Stories are posted at our Taiwanese Adult Blog and each snippet reads to a whole lot more.  Take away any guessing when selecting the right story for your mood by reading the first paragraph to see if you are interested in the whole. In our fast paced lives this is a great time saver for ultimate recreation.


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Find the nastiest and sexiest stories some vanilla and some just downright dirty.  You will have many choices of dirty stories to enjoy that are all written with a view of pleasing you.

The Cherry Blossoms of Yangmingshan Park

She gagged as he rammed the back of her throat with his massive cock, warm saliva dripping to coat the sides of his shaft as it pounded into her.He wedged his dick into her throat but instead of being scared,

Blonde Woman Standing Near Rocks

Within seconds he leaned down to me and kissed me softly on the lips. My mind was completely empty and all I could think of was how wonderful his lips felt against mine. Within seconds we were furiously kissing

Sex Stories Chinese

For some reason he felt a stirring in his carnal nature. As Lu began to go into somewhat of a trance, he moved his hand down his body and into his pants. Before he knew it, he was moving his hand up and down on his large cock.

Taiwanese Asian Women

Both of them stumbled over their clothes as David led May to his bed. He couldn't believe this was happening but he was so happy. David sat down and pulled on May's waist for her to come closer,

Taipingshan Hot Springs

He rolled me over onto my stomach and rubbed my back. I pulled my knees up and spread my ass open to him. He ducked his head down and licked my pussy, then ran his tongue up and over my asshole.

Asian Beauty In Forest

It was obvious that Shu-Chen was athletic and trendy the goddess with a frozen age her smooth skin, trimmed body and impeccable complexion. Her long dark brown hair rested at her shoulders.

Angel in Forest

Angel looked up into his face, his eyes were dark, and he towered over her. His eyes were dark brown and he had shaved his head so that the ebony skull seemed to shine with a life of its own.

Mount Hehuan, Taiwan

I felt a sudden longing and desire to touch her, to press myself against her body, to feel her heat wash through me and set me on fire. As I started to rise, she pushed me down again, giving me a warning look.

Virginity Lost In Yilan County

The sunlight beamed through the airplane window, and it almost blinded me. I cannot believe I slept through the entire trip. So much for sitting near the window, I didn't get to see the clouds from where I am.

Love & Sun Moon Lake

Mi and Jael, were two young people who grew up in the same region Nantou County in Tapei, but with Sun Moon Lake between them, they may as well lived countries apart, because they had never met before this day.


Cheng-han had crossed the South China Sea to come to Taiwan in search of adventure. He was a tall and unassuming Chinese boy who was mostly quiet but when he spoke everyone would listen.

Guguan Hot Springs, Taiwan

Meeting Elvina was the most incredible thing I can remember. Of all the girls I loved, she was the one which was sensual, sophisticated and had a voluptuous body. She was a girl that I was content to spend all of my money to win her over.

Passion At Love River

I was born to a wealthy Christian family in a town village in Oklahoma, which clung to tradition and values, my life was easy going. I had everything I could hope for.

A Tourist Finds An Eager Hot Man

She had heard about Orchid Island for as long as she can remember. It was one of the constant topics that her parents spoke about as they planned for their trip to go to Taiwan every 5 years as it was their favourite place in the world.

Hengchun Peninsula Mermaid

Shu-hui was found by Cheng-han a local fisherman who lives near the Shan-Hai a fishing village in the Hengchun Peninsula many years ago. The first sight of her surprised him as she was totally naked when